Tuesday In A Sentence

How To Use Tuesday In A Sentence?

  • On Tuesday afternoon the graduating exercises of the grammar department were held.
  • And on the Tuesday they lodged them in a little leaved wood beside there the tournament should be.
  • On Tuesday his physician gave him a dose of laudanum, which had not the desired effect.
  • And between Tuesday and Monday was very little time to mature plans or organize resistance.
  • Would like to settle these matters while here, and want to leave on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • On Tuesday more news drifted in, and that night I did not fully undress on going to bed.
  • No letters are come from France since Friday morning, and this is Tuesday noon.
  • A drive on Tuesday to Shelburne Falls, twenty-two miles or thereabouts distant.
  • On the previous Tuesday Lady Chilcot had given a dance in her house in Mayfair.
  • All the guests departed on Tuesday morning with the exception of Sir James and Lady Grafton.
  • This is not surprising, in view of the fact that by Tuesday evening they had been fighting for over five days.
  • On Tuesday morning he came to my cattle, and inspected them first of any he looked at, and asked their price.
  • By Tuesday morning he had decided for the truth; that would give more piquancy to a pleasant little jest he had in mind.
  • On Tuesday morning when the dreadful news was first certainly known, those proud words had to be taken back.
  • Regular school duties did not begin until Tuesday of the next week, and now it was only Wednesday night.
  • One hour before daybreak on Tuesday morning the French broke up their camp and succeeded in clearing the valley.
  • Lucius was out and about again, not much the worse for his late encounter, by the time Tuesday came round, when he was to lunch with his cousin.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tuesday | Tuesday Sentence

  • This was a Tuesday morning.
  • Ida entertained every Tuesday evening.
  • On Tuesday night curiosity seized me again.
  • This was on Tuesday night and following morning.
  • On Tuesday we meet to organize a church.
  • On Tuesday the regular exercises of the day were to begin.
  • The Tuesday afternoon, if the weather be right.
  • On Monday and Tuesday two more of the witnesses were heard.
  • Let us set apart the dinner hour on Tuesday evening, say.
  • Saw a British patrol boat early Tuesday morning.
  • I'll turn up on Tuesday at about five.
  • And it wor on the Tuesday as he went on the afternoon shift.
  • Better than the Tuesday soirees at your cousin Cunegonde's?
  • From Sunday the 18th until Tuesday following, all was quiet upon the streets.
  • On Monday night it cleared, and Tuesday morning came clear and rasping cold.
  • He and M'Gee spoke every Tuesday in that term.
  • Oh, fatal Tuesday morning, when the bud Of his young life was scattered!
  • Then am I sure of your help, said the king, on Tuesday next coming.
  • Arbuthnot," he said, "will be in town on Tuesday October 2nd.
  • This was Tuesday morning, and the Derby would not be run till the next Monday.
  • Ov a Tuesday aw fettle mi kitchen, An' mangle, an' iron beside.
  • Foolish Jack Smith who died on Monday, is on Tuesday still foolish Jack Smith.
  • Justin was alive--Justin was alive on Tuesday night.

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