Tugs in a sentence

Definition of Tugs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of tug | plural of tug

How to use Tugs in a Sentence?

  • The space tugs had streaked out beyond the atmosphere to finish other assignments.
  • One of the tugs was coming in to land beside the skiff, while the other one circled.
  • The rocket thrum of the tugs had become a roar as the gravity pulled against the antique hull.
  • Up at the harbor entrance two tugs had already seen that and were racing out to pick us up.
  • Only the larger, heavier steamers and the sea-going tugs still kept on their way.
  • The image of tugs and hull faded and the control room of the old ship swam onto the screen.
  • Horror gripped and tore at every member of the cadaverous old body, as a high wind tugs at a flag.
  • The man took hearty tugs at a bottle of good Scotch whiskey, and became pretty merry.
  • In the evening tugs conveyed them to Goat Island, where they were lodged in the hospital.
  • All he had to do was sink an anchor into the asteroid so that the space tugs could get a grip on it.
  • No freighters were breasting the waves, no tugs were puffing along with strings of barges in their rear.
  • After strenuous labor and many pulls and tugs on the part of the oxen, the car was backed to the road again.
  • The horse was crazed with exhaustion, and terror of the storm; and tugs and kicks were of no avail.
  • When her engines were stopped in mid-stream a number of fussy little tugs began nosing her round to starboard.
  • Small tugs and sailboats have jammed themselves into buildings, where they were landed by the incoming waves and left by the receding waters.
  • Indirectly, because there was no way the big space tugs could get a grip on such an asteroid, either.
  • It was dark in the shadow of the bluffs, and if there were any tugs between him and the entrance to the bay, he hoped to run by them unnoticed.
  • For towing the present large amount of sailing tonnage through dangerous areas sea-going tugs would be of great use.
  • If tugs are constructed according to the design outlined above, the model boat builder will also desire to have something that the tug can haul.
  • As fast as forty-nine rival fingers can do it, the tugs are fastened, and the cart is off down the street with a long trail of citizens after it.
  • Fire tugs drew up along the water front and threw immense streams of water on to the flames of burning factories, warehouses and sheds.
  • The tugs and Bellaver's yacht were following, but this time only the yacht had a chance.
  • Then the tugs let go and the ship, outwardly darkened save for the few necessary running lights, moved slowly down stream.
  • After the tugs leave, the gates are closed, and the water in the dry-dock is pumped out, leaving the boat high and dry.

Short Example Sentence for Tugs

  • How fast can one of those tugs travel?
  • Now see if you can get the tugs loose.
  • The tugs were dropping hopelessly behind.
  • Along the wharves the fire tugs saved most of the docks.
  • All three tugs were blowing off steam vigorously.
  • The major tugs his mustache in nervous perplexity a moment.
  • The jaw of the other, And tugs at his beard!
  • Near and far the whistles of steamers and tugs were hoarsely bellowing.
  • The tugs would be able to find the planetoid by following the beeps.
  • Second day since the tugs left, we are completely on our own now.
  • It had no power of its own, depending on powerful tugs to tow it.
  • And the tugs came closer and closer, and the cheers grew louder and louder.
  • Then he felt three tugs on the thinner cord, and began to haul steadily.
  • The tugs and Bellaver's fast yacht were closing up the gap.
  • Old Dan tugs the abbot by the sleeve, and whispers something in his ear.
  • Something always tugs at my heart when I think of Flora.

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