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How To Use Tulip In A Sentence?

  • The flowers of trees give names to tulip tree, silver-bell tree, and fringe tree.
  • Mrs. Tulip hinted to me yesterday that the girl used fertilizers, and it certainly looks so.
  • Both the primrose and tulip are believed in South Germany to be an Open Sesame to hidden treasure.
  • A tulip seed is no less the sheath of a flower because through mistake somebody has labeled it as common timothy.
  • In the dead of winter young tulip trees are singularly straight and symmetrical compared with saplings of other trees.
  • Make a little slit in the middle of the lid, and stick firmly into it a paste tulip or other flower.
  • The mother pixies come out of the woods at twilight and rock their tiny little brown babies to sleep in the tulip cups.
  • There a young tulip tree had been left standing, and its plentiful branches and large leaves made a thick mass of darkness.
  • She made a most endless handful, till Tulip had caught her by the hair and kissed her between the eyes.
  • It lay up a lane, some distance from the road, and two enormous tulip poplar trees sheltered and half-concealed it.
  • I went to look at him several times daily, and almost always found him either on the maple or on a tulip tree a few yards distant.
  • The stately cypress, the royal tulip tree, and the beautiful evergreen white holly, of our southern forests.
  • But Tulip had altogether lost his lady of the dear green feet, for in thinking of others he had forgotten to think of himself.
  • Tall tulip trees shoot up straight as masts, blossom, and bear seeds at their summits, unseen by human eye.
  • In Europe the tulip tree has been a favorite since its discovery and exportation by the American colonists.
  • But, behold, the tulip turned up her nose, and the ranunculus held her head as stiffly as possible, that she might not bow good-morrow to him.
  • But it was so beautiful, with its shooting stars and coloured fires, that, when Tulip brought it, they carried it in to show to her.
  • Oak, sassafras, walnut, chestnut, plane, and tulip trees, displayed their luxuriant foliage of various and often glossy green.
  • Then Tulip bent down his head and looked in, counting softly to himself, and at ten, he let the wish go to his lady of the dear green feet.
  • Upon another occasion a stray cow invaded the premises and laid waste the tulip bed and chewed off the tender buds on the choicest of the rose bushes.
  • Cover the pie with the other sheet of paste as a lid, and notch the edges handsomely, having reserved a little of the paste to make a flower or tulip to stick in the slit at the top.
  • Far into winter a tulip tree seems to be blossoming, because its bare branches are tipped with the remnants of the seed cones, faded and shining almost white against the dark branches.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tulip | Tulip Sentence

  • And in her hand a golden tulip flower.
  • In the lake floated a large tulip leaf.
  • A tulip or a daffodil would make a good study.
  • Light the tulip lanterns, and set the furze a-fire?
  • The tulip trees, when young, are distinguished by [pg.
  • Such stipules enclose the leaves of tulip and magnolia trees.
  • The tulip and hyacinth and daffodil beds were gay with color.
  • That is the reason why tulip blooms last so much longer than other blossoms.
  • A tulip decoration surrounds a large red star in the centre of the plate.
  • The tulip tree is a cousin, rather than a sister, to the foregoing magnolias.
  • All winter long in its leaf bud the baby tulip leaf drowses, curled up tight.
  • Others have loved them; the Tulip has had her head turned by attention.
  • Ah, wonderful things that tulip bed Unto my listening soul has said.

Definition of Tulip

A type of flowering plant, genus Tulipa. | The flower of this plant.
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