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  • What tumult can this be?
  • The tumult was tremendous.
  • Here a scene of tumult succeeded.
  • The tumult of his life is all on the surface.
  • The tumult of a thousand wings.
  • A violent tumult arose.
  • She quivered with the tumult of her feelings.
  • Then a terrible tumult arose.
  • A tumult within and sudden noyse.
  • His words were drowned in the tumult and noise.
  • My blood made a tumult through my body.
  • Not a sound of tumult broke the silence of the streets.
  • My heart beat in a tumult of conflicting emotions.
  • Ein unbeschreiblicher Tumult entstand, als er anschlug.
  • Just at that moment a cry was heard above the tumult of the sea.
  • I gazed on her for a moment in a delicious tumult of emotions.
  • Scarcely had the two men done so than a frightful tumult ensued.
  • He took advantage of the tumult to fall into the company well.
  • In Seymour's there was tumult and an impromptu indignation meeting.

How To Use Tumult In A Sentence?

  • Amid a tempest of yells and a tumult of excitement she gathered way and sped down the line.
  • But the tumult of the evening was a lulling murmur to the full chorus of busy morn.
  • When this had been done, no such tumult and hellish rumbling was heard any more that day.
  • As soon as the tumult quieted down, the chasers put out their tubes and listened.
  • On this the tumult began, and the ferocity of the fanatical crowd rose to blood-heat.
  • Ralph Denham was aware of a tumult in the street much in accordance with his own sensations.
  • Maria was very docile, outwardly, in those days, but inside she was in a tumult of rebellion.
  • The time was fearfully short and the tumult of the coming flood was like the thunder of Niagara.
  • What "Prexaspes" said when he thanked the king was drowned in the tumult of laughing and cheering.
  • Suddenly an avalanche of animals appeared with a huge tumult along the front of Will Tree.
  • He was about to ask one of the other boys to see to the horses when a tumult in the corrals drew his attention.
  • I never heard the horizon ring with the tumult of howling dervishes plunging fanatically to the attack.
  • When the tumult subsided he found a pair of bright brown eyes smiling up at him and a small hand clasped in his.
  • And he, as he held her warm and delicate hand in his own, was conscious of a strange tumult in his heart.
  • In that instant his mouth was free, and clear above the shouting and the tumult rose his frenzied shriek for help.
  • I can quite easily imagine a socialist state administered in a sort of scrambling tumult that would be worse than anything we have got now.
  • Here there was great tumult and lamentation, and when he asked what it all meant, he was told that two men were going to be hanged.
  • Out of the first tumult and anarchy of war an Ireland emerged which was roughly divided between the two peoples.
  • There was a tumult of yells, and a crowd of thirty or forty lads went streaming across the open waste, waving sticks.
  • She lost her head completely, stabbed the man, and in the tumult that followed, managed to get away through the hall of a tenement house.
  • From the mainland a tumult of voices was rising, the myriads around Xerxes encouraging their comrades by sea to play the man.

Definition of Tumult

(obsolete) To make a tumult; to be in great commotion. | Confused, agitated noise as made by a crowd. | Violent commotion or agitation, often with confusion of sounds.
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