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  • It was a tumultuous awakening.
  • In a tumultuous privacy of storm.
  • Luther feels these tumultuous proceedings as a disgrace.
  • The others came up with a tumultuous welcome to both.
  • His thoughts were too tumultuous for him to sit still.
  • The tumultuous sounds without lent additional excitement to the scene within.
  • Missy's heart gave a swift, tumultuous dive and flight.
  • Bonnet, false front, and spectacles were tossed in a tumultuous pile.
  • Maryland had not risen in tumultuous welcome as Lee hopefully expected.
  • God had heard; she knew it by the peace He laid upon her tumultuous heart.
  • But to my Love like whirlewinde to a boate Taken in midst of a tumultuous sea.
  • All shouted with a great tumultuous noise: "Long life to Orange!

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  • Here too all the special theories are still in the midst of tumultuous discord.
  • Upon this tumultuous reception Argentopolis gazed for some moments in wondering silence.
  • Breathless suspense, broken by tumultuous cheers as Scaife strides on to the ground.
  • In fact, a very noisy and tumultuous scene of bargaining, and betting, and barter ensued.
  • While in his heart the blood's tumultuous beat Drowns, in her own, the drowsing serpent's hiss.
  • You have been too patient, my beloved Lord, In calming these tumultuous jarring spirits.
  • But go a little nearer the lake, and you will have a concert that will drown all these voices in its tumultuous roar.
  • He had come in bursting with his news, expecting a reception almost as tumultuous as that given him by the dogs outside.
  • She had seen many things in her tumultuous life of the last few years, this woman he called a child.
  • It was already surrounded by a cheering and tumultuous assembly, and one of the men in the cart was shaking hands right and left.
  • Affairs of the heart, with one tumultuous exception that left no fuel for lesser subsequent fires, had never troubled him.
  • Warde clenched his hands, and burst into speech, letting all that he had suffered and suppressed escape in tumultuous words and gestures.
  • Warde clenched his hands, and burst into speech, letting all that he had suffered and suppressed escape in tumultuous words and gestures.
  • She had sunk down in her chair by the window, and lay there, save for her tumultuous breathing, still as death.
  • The tumultuous enthusiasm of the assault spreads from man to man, and duller spirits catch a gallant frenzy from the brave around them.
  • In a period so tumultuous as was this quarter-century, one could scarce expect that the world would make much progress in science.
  • A tumultuous feeling of mingled grief and despair prevented his thoughts, for a long while, from settling on any one idea or object.
  • Agitated by a rush of tumultuous emotions, she was unable to breathe during the short parley between Emma and the domestic.
  • They rose to their feet as one man, and ignoring the sacred character of the place, gave vent to tumultuous cries.
  • For the life of him, Curtis could not prevent the tumultuous pumping of his heart from drawing some of the color from his face.
  • Then she stood before them and her dark eyes dwelt, impassive and melancholy, upon the sea of faces, tumultuous and blurred with clapping hands.
  • Great waves of blushes ran in tumultuous flood up Carlen's neck, cheeks, forehead.
  • Half the tumultuous efforts of the earlier movements would have been rendered ridiculous had it been possible to have them contemporaneously examined by a few special correspondents.
  • This tumultuous epoch had scarcely begun when Spain in 1829 made a final attempt to recover her lost dominion in Mexico.
  • Instead of blustering about this being no time for art they should rejoice that there are some who, rising above tumultuous circumstance, continue to create and speculate.
  • It will be guessed that the enthusiasm, the uproar, the tumultuous excitement were even greater than on a similar occasion some fifteen years before.
  • But these matters became quickly subsidiary when he began to examine the curious geological formation of the foothill range through which the river elbowed its tumultuous course.
  • But when they had gone the pent spirit of the great leader, in one of the few instances of his lifetime, found expression in tumultuous grief and rage.

Definition of Tumultuous

Characterized by loud, confused noise. [from mid 16th c.] | Causing or characterized by tumult; chaotic, disorderly, turbulent. [from mid 16th c.]
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