Tuneful In A Sentence

How To Use Tuneful In A Sentence?

  • The new song is not merely the response to new mercies and the tuneful celebration of recent good.
  • Why did he inflict his pale, sad presence upon that galaxy of tuneful revellers?
  • In 1912 a group of his tuneful and characteristic pieces was published by Schirmer.
  • A score of throats pour out one brief, hilarious, tuneful jubilee and are suddenly silent.
  • Through all his tuneful art, how strong The human feeling gushes!
  • Sounds the loud cataract in their sonorous speech, And strikes the keynote of their tuneful lays.
  • A score of throats pour out one brief, hilarious, tuneful jubilee, and are suddenly silent.
  • And that dear melody of tuneful herds, Which now, in proud disgust, thou dost despise!
  • No; every muse shall join her tuneful tongue, And future ages hear his growing fame.
  • Pity the tuneful Muses' hapless train, Weak, timid landsmen on life's stormy main!
  • The greater number of species, however, are more tuneful in the early morning than at any other hour.
  • There were those who saw that tuneful time in the shaping; we, alas! look down on the splintered shards.
  • He yelled rather than sang this at the top of his tuneful voice, and waved his hand as the sharp craft shot away over the sea.
  • The two stood back from one another, hand in hand, and smiled as they listened to the tuneful plaint.
  • It is for him the studious think, the imaginative invent, the tuneful sing: beyond him there is no appeal but to the future.
  • But when she heard Elinor's voice approaching so gay and tuneful her heart rose a little.
  • She found that he played the violin well and was, moreover, the possessor of a voice tuneful and sympathetic, even if not perfectly trained.
  • Shame on your jingling, ye soft sons of rhyme, Tuneful consumers of your reader's time!
  • Frogs are croaking; those persistent frogs whom the muses have ordained to sing for aye, in spite of Bion and all tuneful poets dead.
  • Gulland found another drum and went its tuneful but weary way; and Aristide remained gloriously behind and rubbed his hands with glee.
  • Fire and the windows bright glittered on the moorland; Song, tuneful song, built a palace in the wild.
  • Far from me now be ev'ry tuneful Maid, I neither ask, nor can receive their aid.
  • The series of melodies was almost continuous, and the characters on the stage only ceased to sing for tuneful strains to be executed by the instrumentalists.
  • In circling dances gambolled on the green, While tuneful sprites a merry concert made And airy music warbled through the shade.
  • One a small infant at the breast does bear; And one in her right hand her tuneful ware, Which she would vend.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tuneful | Tuneful Sentence

  • Return you tuneful thanks.
  • The tuneful soul to see and do?
  • The tuneful procession moves upon the bridegroom.
  • How can I to the tuneful strain attend?
  • A fix'd despair in every tuneful breast.
  • How sweet the tuneful bells' responsive peal!
  • She threw out her chest, and filled the room with healthy tuneful sound.
  • On Milton's tuneful ear have died?
  • So shall our tuneful tongues combine To laud the nuptial rite.
  • So shall our tuneful tongues combine To bless the nuptial rite.
  • What now avail our tuneful strains, Midst savage taunts and galling chains?
  • Rapt in his tuneful trance he seems; His fingers move; but not a sound!
  • There, in good sooth! sat Mr. Pepin, flourishing a tuneful bow.
  • The tuneful Immo now fluttered through the castle gate with Aliande's veil.
  • A tuneful challenge rings from either side Of Thames' fair banks.

Definition of Tuneful

having or producing a pleasing tune; melodic or melodious
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