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  • Lloyd had his left arm in a sling and his open tunic revealed a bandaged chest.
  • But it had not come yet, and she was habited in the tunic and hose she now wore at all times.
  • Here an angel swinging a golden censer has a green tunic covered with a white cloak or mantle.
  • He put his hand inside his tunic and drew out a closely tied bundle which he laid on the table.
  • He wears a cerise belt round his tunic exactly matching the wine in the goblet he carries.
  • She wears a black-and-yellow flowered dress with a red tunic and large lace collar and sleeves.
  • A string of pearls, dependent from her neck, draws her light tunic up to her bosom.
  • She wears a dress of red velvet with a tunic of yellow silk, a gray veil, and pearls in her hair.
  • The Guards, it is stated, are to revert to the pre-war scarlet tunic and busby.
  • He wore the scarlet tunic of the Mounted Police and jocularly raised his right hand in salute.
  • I lie aback, 10 And gown and tunic through I crack.
  • Wulfhere drew from under his tunic the pouch that he always carried strapped about his waist, and from it took a bag.
  • A large dark stain was saturating the wounded man's tunic and he lay very still.
  • Yes; for every wound we get we have the right to wear a narrow strip of gold braid on the tunic sleeve.
  • Dropping his hand nervously into his right-hand tunic pocket, he went up and pushed open another door.
  • They all wear the regulation tunic and trousers, but vary the puggary or cap-cover according to the taste of their commander.
  • It was a magnificent tunic of orange velvet, embroidered in pearls, but the pearls were not so white as her own neck.
  • Beside her stand a gentleman and two ladies, one of whom wears a black dress with a yellow satin tunic and holds a book of music.
  • His tunic was unfastened, and his collarless shirt was open at the neck, revealing a pink, hairy chest.
  • I might have felt even more dissatisfied had I known that my fall had badly split the tunic up the back.
  • Around his dress he wears a red band, which he twists about his limbs, and has a long calico tunic closely fitted to his chest.
  • The external, or cellular coat of the veins, is dense and firm, resembling the cellular tunic of the arteries.
  • For instance, a red tunic displayed meant prepare for battle; while a red spear conveyed the order to sack and devastate.
  • Under his outermost robe, the chasuble, comes the dalmatic, through the side openings of which the rich green of the tunic appears.
  • The lady, in black with a gray tunic having an embroidered gold border and a large collar, holds a little child with her left hand.
  • The King's tunic in general cut is exactly like that of the other two courtiers (nos.
  • Concluding his recruiting speech to the dazed villagers, Campbell put on his tunic and strode down the street....
  • The sheepskin cap and tunic made him think at first that the stranger was one of the Volsenian levy; the next moment he saw the skirt.
  • Lengthways curtailed to her taste A tunic circumvents her waist, And soothly it is passing chaste.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tunic | Tunic Sentence

  • She took the tunic and put it on.
  • She opens her tunic at the top and throws herself back.
  • His tunic is all of blue linen, the symbol of the sky.
  • Turn the other cheek, surrender tunic along with cloak.
  • I shed my collar, tie and tunic and bent again to the task.
  • Another soldier took it off his tunic for me before they buried him.
  • I had to content myself with slipping it under my tunic against my heart.
  • Then he took the sleeve of his tunic between his teeth and hid his face.
  • He wears a tunic of scarlet velvet, which is covered with gold and diamonds.
  • A third man bought Olaf, and gave for him a good tunic or cloak.
  • Benen, however, was put into the dry part, with the druid's tunic about him.

Definition of Tunic

A garment worn over the torso, with or without sleeves, and of various lengths reaching from the hips to the ankles. | (anatomy, botany) Any covering, such as seed coat or the organ that covers a membrane.
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