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How To Use Turbulence In A Sentence?

  • But the moment a break occurs the turbulence and commotion are instantly very great.
  • What women have done in times of turbulence and excitement in large cities in the past we know.
  • True to its pugnacious character, it brought nothing but turbulence and bloodshed upon the town.
  • At this court in May the turbulence was so great that the parties came near to blows.
  • Many tales are told about that castle, so near and safe a refuge from the turbulence of Naples.
  • That and their overboiling turbulence alike combined to guide them to the Holy Land.
  • I speak of you as men whose turbulence has, time out of mind, been ruinous to Transylvania.
  • We knew all this turbulence to be merely the river's bow before the great stunt.
  • I have kept through all the vicissitudes of life, and all the turbulence of thought, the heart of a little child.
  • If the noise he makes only add to the general turbulence and confusion, the show of sympathy will at least go for something.
  • They seem to have been notorious for their energy, eccentricity, imagination, and a certain tendency to turbulence and excess.
  • The light of day served, if not to dissipate, at least to sober, the turbulence and fervor of the preceding night.
  • The younger, blond, pale, with a wispy yellow mustache, listened casually, his eyes fixed on the turbulence below.
  • It would seem that deep and thoughtful minds, like deep waters, must have a gloom in them, and that ideal life leads to turbulence of soul.
  • He examines the countenance of men under the influence of passion; and often catches the most pleasing hints from subjects of turbulence or deformity.
  • The first impression thence given was of stars sailing serene and unaffected, remote from the turbulence of what until this instant had seemed to fill the universe.
  • Even in that time of Parisian turbulence and peril the hunted liberals of England found more security in France than in their native land.
  • There seemed, too, a diminution in the turbulence of the wind; the doors and windows did not rattle so loudly, and the worst noises in the yards below had ceased.
  • Very soon after his arrival there was great turbulence in the air, and many portentous storms; the winds became tempestuous, and fiery whirlwinds rushed forth.
  • It might have been expected that the sad reverses they had undergone would have taught his followers common prudence; but, unhappily for them, their turbulence and love of plunder were not to be restrained.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Turbulence | Turbulence Sentence

  • Turbulence outside was accompanied by turbulence within.
  • Meanwhile the turbulence of air and water were increasing.
  • Now Ben could hear only the bumping sickly turbulence of his own heart.
  • Pisistratus, though mild he sway'd, Their turbulence had not allay'd.

Definition of Turbulence

(uncountable) The state or fact of being turbulent or agitated; tempestuousness, disturbance. | (uncountable) Disturbance in a gas or fluid, characterized by evidence of internal motion or unrest. | (uncountable) Specifically, a state of agitation or disturbance in the air which is disruptive to an aircraft.
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