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How To Use Turkeys In A Sentence?

  • For once when she saw some strange turkeys on the road she seized the best of them.
  • They were wild turkeys that had found what had seemed to be a secure roosting place in the swamp.
  • Indeed, he did not awake from this kind of trance until the geese and turkeys were unspitted.
  • They kept turkeys and chickens, and seemed to us to be extraordinarily fortunate people.
  • We have hundreds of turkeys wild about the place, which keep down the crickets a good deal.
  • But turkeys and ducks fatten splendidly on them, acquiring a capital gamey flavour.
  • He knew that the turkeys would not stir, and he went back to the hut to resume his watch.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Turkeys | Turkeys Sentence

  • Why are those bleeding turkeys there?
  • There are turkeys and other game in abundance.
  • The truffled turkeys are the commonest of the articles.
  • How the turkeys gobbled which our commissary found!
  • At once turkeys answered from all around in the trees.
  • Drumsticks were put on turkeys just for little boys.
  • No food is better for turkeys and hogs than are beechnuts.
  • We scouted around some, but the turkeys had gone.
  • Three turkeys flew like grouse away into the woods.
  • He shot eight times at eight turkeys and missed them all.
  • The turkeys were farther down, but still in plain sight.
  • But that is why Turkeys have red eyes.
  • Baker saw Turkeys 4 mi.
  • A Fox spied some turkeys roosting in a tree.
  • The turkeys fell like the leaves in October.
  • As I looked three turkeys flopped down to the ground.
  • Why didn't you tell me the turkeys were coming?
  • Edd said if there were any more turkeys they would come down at daylight.
  • So we dashed through the forest with the turkeys running ahead of us.
  • Large flocks of wild turkeys were also observed in the woods.
  • I caught him drivin' his turkeys into my tomato patch.
  • There were great roasts of deer and roasted turkeys stuffed with nuts.
  • There are plenty of old farmers who have good fat turkeys out that way.
  • De jedge had lots of turkeys and dey was roosting up in de trees.
  • Dey made me kill chickens and turkeys and cook for 'em.
  • She paused in front of the house, but there were no turkeys to be seen.
  • In this case he distinctly heard three turkeys fly up into trees.
  • Here he hoped to make a killing when the turkeys ran up the far slope.
  • Large coops similar to those used for turkeys should be used in shipping geese.
  • Any turkeys or chickens?" inquired the stranger.
  • Pears to me that wild turkeys wuz made fur hungry fellers like us to eat.
  • It is a good cool night, and we can capture two turkeys without trouble.
  • His vision accentuates it; the golden carp, the roast turkeys are there.

Definition of Turkeys

plural of turkey
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