Turn in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Turn

1. Gray did not turn round this time. 🔊

2. At length my own turn came. 🔊

3. By and by, it can turn out that we are wrong. 🔊

4. By and by that stock took a turn and began to gallop down. 🔊

5. The noise of my entrance made him turn his head. 🔊

6. Every person appeared to turn as we made our way. 🔊

7. Next we shall turn and look in the opposite direction. 🔊

8. A truly devout person would turn his back upon it. 🔊

9. To turn back, however, was out of the question. 🔊

10. I turn with shuddering even from the recollection of his works. 🔊

11. Her death was an event that perhaps gave a turn to all my after fortunes. 🔊

12. Lumley suddenly turn his horse in a totally different direction. 🔊

13. I did not turn my eyes in her direction, because that would not be safe. 🔊

14. Then shall we not instinctively turn to one-sided views of revelation. 🔊

15. But the next thing said by the voice behind me made me turn round. 🔊

16. My uncle was an old traveller, one that knew how to turn things to account. 🔊

17. As he had deserted Harding, so he in turn had been deserted. 🔊

18. All that was now necessary was to turn the Territory into a State. 🔊

How to use Turn in Sentences?

1. Evidently the amateur chauffeur had in his excitement made a turn at the wrong moment. 🔊

2. He tried to turn the horse up the ridge, but the frantic animal rushed blindly on. 🔊

3. To turn back was scarcely advisable; but the road he was following went straight past the diners. 🔊

4. These would consist of those officers, soldiers, sepoys, and followers whose turn it was to go. 🔊

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