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  • Spotty the turtle wins a race.
  • Let turtle bleed for twenty minutes.
  • Did you ever hear of a mud turtle having an accident?
  • You now have white and green turtle meat ready to cook.
  • One man carried a turtle shell almost as large as himself.
  • Why, you rubber-kneed, water-eyed mud turtle you!
  • Mock Turtle and Gryphon singing to Alice 35.
  • This receipt will answer for a turtle between fifty and sixty pounds.
  • The turtle scurried on; it was no moment to stop and discuss matters.
  • Mr. Janney seemed stunned, shrunk in his clothes like a turtle in its shell.
  • This suggested turtle eggs to Mr. Gibney, and a change of diet resulted.
  • Mr. Turtle got up and turned around toward the Hollow Tree people.

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  • Individuals of this turtle were found on the forest floor and in small sluggish streams.
  • Fishes he had no regard for, and of birds only turtle doves and pigeons were his favorite dishes.
  • Cautiously he pulled back the canvas flap and emerged like the head of a turtle from his shell.
  • Description of a new softshell turtle from the southeastern United States.
  • Strain and add part of the turtle meat, hard-boiled egg, grated lemon rind and juice of lemon.
  • Our amiable friend B. must try to get me at least a battle-axe or a turtle for it!
  • May not the grove at Turtle Lake yield as keen enjoyment as do the continental forests?
  • The next day, before repeating the treatment, I had to feed the turtle with cabbage in water.
  • With an almost imperceptible slowness, Nippers thrust his head out, as cautiously as a turtle ...
  • I carried a souvenir with me-a red-eared turtle (which I still have) and some turtle eggs.
  • A new extinct emydid turtle from the Lower Pliocene of Oklahoma.
  • Mock Turtle and Gryphon demonstrating the Lobster Quadrille to Alice 36.
  • The spot we were on, which I call Turtle Island; lies in latitude, by account, 10 deg.
  • The box had now sunk so low in the water that it was on the bottom of the little cove and no longer was the turtle towing it along.
  • The hole is often so large that the turtle will require an hour of industrious labor to dig it to her entire satisfaction.
  • The turtle was allowed to deposit its eggs, and when that operation was supposed to be about over a concerted rush was made.
  • Some half a mile up the lake, we saw a great turtle sunning himself on a rock which was partly out of water.
  • The eggs of the turtle are perfectly oval, with the exception of one or two depressions that may occur at any part.
  • For three days and three nights they swam, and then the turtle left him on the familiar sands near his old home.
  • But for some time the table was supplied with turtle soup, on which Tartlet was not the only one to regale himself.
  • Let us go whither the stag rests at noonday in the shady groves, whither the heron bathes and the turtle basks in the sun.
  • This last was most welcome to us; for the turtle was so hard, that it could not be eaten without being first soaked in hot water.
  • Thus armed, the turtler sculls over the reef, striking the turtle either as it lies asleep on the bottom or as it rises to breathe.
  • They saw a great number of turtle bones and shells, where the natives had been feasting, and their last visit seemed to be of late date.
  • One day, as he was going across the fields, he came to a pond where he saw a small turtle sunning itself upon a stone which rose out of the water.
  • And so the Nahvahchoo went off and made a fire of his own, and corn and pumpkins of his own, and cooked them as the turtle had done.
  • Uraschima Taro had a very kind heart and could not bear to see anything that was small and helpless suffer; so he did as the turtle asked him.
  • They were going at a rapid rate, and every moment the Baby Racer threatened to turn turtle and spill them out.

Definition of Turtle

To flip over onto the back or top; to turn upside down. | To turn and swim upside down. | To hunt turtles, especially in the water.
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