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  • This produces an elastic fiber intermediate in stiffness between twine and whalebone.
  • A bit of wood had been thrust into his mouth and tied with twine under the ears.
  • At this point of union is attached the twine which is held in the hand of the kite flyer.
  • No kind parent to speak to him, no little sister to twine her arms around his neck.
  • Old cloth or carpet may be used for this purpose, tarred twine or cord being passed round it.
  • Clotho the Spinner will weary of making my thread of gold and twine in a darker stuff.
  • Have strings of various lengths and twine them around the table legs, chairs, etc.
  • The weary, aching head, And twine around thee, arms of love, And joy and gladness shed.
  • Leon gave the string a vicious tug but no bell sounded and the twine seemed not to be attached to anything.
  • Posterity weaves no garlands for the actor, and his contemporaries only too often twine for him a crown of thorns.
  • Other groupings may be similar to a bale of twine or they may be massed in clusters with no regularity distinguishable.
  • Thread and twine should be waxed before using them for sewing, whenever there is reason to doubt their durability.
  • Never would tropical sunbeams break down through giant fronds to twine that golden aureole about a certain head!
  • The boat builders always use twine and rope rather than nails or screws to put their boats together.
  • The old time wrapping of twine or of raffia had to be released in order to allow growth at the point of union of scion and stock.
  • Fastened by bits of rope and twine to the plank were her three choicest sofa cushions, of white silk which she herself had embroidered.
  • Scrawled on a paper tag attached to the twine were numbers: a three, separated by a dash from the number thirteen.
  • The fiery monsters seemed to twine and coil in living motion as the light shone upon their emerald and golden scales and bristling spines.
  • To the end of the twine is to be tied a silk ribbon, and where the silk and twine join, a key may be fastened.
  • I would not wish to have them made of thick heavy twine as they are more liable to heat and require great force to work them....
  • When thou shalt have often done this thou wilt be able to twist many a silly girl like twine around thy fingers.
  • Jacques handed the twine over to Dubois, who immediately unwound a small section of it and tested its strength.
  • I sat beside the stove mending harness, while Aline criticized the workmanship and waxed the twine for me.
  • Henry Burns passed him the box, and with nervous fingers the banker broke the twine with which the boys had secured it.
  • Branches of trees were their primitive rods, twine their simple lines, grasshoppers their bait, and a violent jerk their method.
  • Dick Humphries threw the bight of the sail twine over the point of the needle and drew it clear with a couple of deft turns and a jerk.
  • Even now Sam and his helpers were at work starting rose vines of all varieties, to train about the trellises and twine about the pillars.
  • The best are put in cages and sold as song-birds; the remainder are killed, and strung with twine through their bills, they are sold for food.
  • If you do not wish to grow grain or raise cattle, the Government will furnish you with ammunition for your hunt, and with twine to catch fish.
  • They are obliged to be tied on so tight that the twine cuts them and are much apter to break and after all in dragging the net they will swim sideways.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Twine | Twine Sentence

  • How are we ever to twine them by ourselves?
  • Perhaps also a twine is netted tightly on the top of it.
  • Now, I want to run this twine all the way around the camp.
  • She commenced the rug by knitting two rows of the twine or cord.
  • And twine it with the Myrtle's bloom.
  • Some vie to set slips and twine them, which sometimes, but seldome thriue all.
  • Who eat up twine and paper scraps And bark while they are taking naps.
  • Aunt Prissy took a ball of firm twine and rubbed it well with white chalk.
  • One of Aunt Sarah's special economies was the saving of twine and paper bags.
  • Have you a ball of strong twine in your kit, Jane?" asked Harriet.

Definition of Twine

Alternative form of twin (“to separate”) | A twist; a convolution. | A strong thread composed of two or three smaller threads or strands twisted together, and used for various purposes, as for binding small parcels, making nets, and the like; a small cord or string.
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