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How To Use Twist In A Sentence?

  • The twist is generally in the opposite direction to that in the single threads.
  • The hair of the king has that curious formal twist with which we are familiar on playing-cards.
  • And yet, through some evil twist of fate, he had lost all there was in life worth having.
  • He tried to drag himself erect, tried to twist his head, and he sank back with a bitter groan.
  • Still they soon came up, and now I must twist every few yards, or be caught in their jaws.
  • A wink of his eye and a twist of his head Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.
  • But such notions left the German character, the Oliver Twist in it, fatally out of account.
  • Retchings twist and tie me, Old meat, good meals, brown gobbets, up I throw.
  • He was speaking with such deliberation that he did not once twist his words or expressions about, as he often did when excited and in a hurry.
  • Miss Cookham had mockingly repeated after him while he gasped as from the twist of her grip on his collar.
  • The lad knew that there was something amiss with his master by some queer twist of nature that gave a fillip to his natural cheerfulness.
  • Then there was a ringing sound, a twist of both his arms, and over he went with a sickening momentary cry of fear.
  • With an adept twist of the tongue his chew of tobacco ceased to bulge one cheek, and promptly distended the other.
  • She was smiling a little, a smile with a twist to it, like the smile of a child who is determined not to weep.
  • This characteristic is of great economic importance, the natural twist facilitating the operation of spinning the fibres into thread or yarn.
  • Some of the heads have the same formal twist in the hair as those of the large corbels in the nave (p. 81).
  • She glanced up at him with a little flash in her blue eyes, as a vigorous twist broke the little gold piece from its chain.
  • This morning she brushed all her hair as tightly back as possible, and made a hard twist at an ugly angle at the back of her head.
  • When thou shalt have often done this thou wilt be able to twist many a silly girl like twine around thy fingers.
  • Her mind was thin but firm, and having received a backward twist in its youth, it had remained inflexibly bent for more than sixty years.
  • With a quick twist of the wrist, he threw in the highest speed and had to grip his handlebars hard to keep his seat as his iron steed responded.
  • We want to get hold of the handles, and to do that, one must go where the power is, and give it just as constructive a twist as we can.
  • With his teeth grinding, Wallie fought it in desperation, trying to give the twist that drops the animal.
  • Another twist of the pathway showed the jagged tips of the highest peaks, and just back of that crest rose the roof of the Hospice.
  • Mrs. Palmer had begun to knit him a pair of muffetees, and used slowly to twist pink silk round ivory needles.
  • As puss went away from the gorse, or raced down the turnip-rigg, I took in every twist and double down to the minutest detail.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Twist | Twist Sentence

  • Take this and twist it around the tree.
  • She can twist him around her little finger.
  • She could not seem to get the right twist to the ribbon.
  • That sight doesn't come twist to any man.
  • Even the little twist and droop of her slender body was a grace to me.
  • It was exhausted and tried to twist and spring away to the right.
  • There, it's no use to twist about.
  • With a rather playful twist of her lips the girl turned to me.
  • He gave a quick twist and jerked the weapon from the hands of his opponent.
  • She began to twist her golden hair round the dagger hilt again.
  • Instead, he could only twist the ends of his mustache savagely.
  • I could not twist any more, it was just which of us could get there first.
  • In going about, you are careful not to step upon a nail or to twist your foot.
  • He must twist his heart, Wried with grim pain, to smiles of pleasantness.

Definition of Twist

To turn the ends of something, usually thread, rope etc., in opposite directions, often using force. | To join together by twining one part around another. | To contort; to writhe; to complicate; to crook spirally; to convolve.
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