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  • Two teams and a few packhorses were all that remained of horse-flesh equal to the occasion.
  • I have divided my section up into two teams, one in the cellars and one in the gun-pits.
  • Then Miller pulled him down with a savage tackle and the two teams faced each other.
  • It was agreed that the two teams should start in different directions and touch at these points in the reverse order.
  • Intense was the feeling between the two teams, and instinctively the boys who had been playing lined up with their respective captains.
  • The two teams broke away from each other at the gymnasium, and bolted at a wide angle straight across the campus.
  • With lassos on saddle horses in front of the two teams, all pulling hard, we overcame that obstacle.
  • And I'll hint that there is so much feeling between the two teams that the outcome is doubtful.
  • However, he said that he had found enough to employ two teams the next winter in a place where there was thought to be none left.
  • After beating them unmercifully, the drivers were able to separate the two teams, and we found that three of our dogs were limping.
  • A big folding gate swings back, and two teams of gaily-ribboned mules canter in with smart teamsters running beside them.
  • That procession of two teams, the waggon and the cart, had a Christmas look that would have been recognized anywhere.
  • I want you to start two teams ploughing Wednesday morning, and keep them going every day until the frost stops them.
  • Mr. Thompson had but two teams of horses on the ranche, and they could not often be spared from work, for the mere amusement of the boys.
  • In such a contest each institution has two teams, one of which supports the affirmative, and the other the negative; and the three debates take place on the same day or evening.
  • The field was a little soft, but the two teams were out practicing, and a crowd of enthusiastic followers, in small groups about the lot, were watching them.
  • The water swelled so rapidly that two teams of six mules each, parked on the river bank last night so as to be in readiness to cross on the ferry this morning, were swept away.
  • Men were knocked down on the opposite sidewalk, and two teams of engine horses, used to almost any kind of happening at a fire, ran away in a wild panic.
  • The surveyor had obtained me free transport back to the prairie for two teams that would not be needed, and Harry had promised to take charge of operations in my place.
  • Then again, a heavy cable chain had been girded about the lower trunk, and to this, well out of range of the fall of the tree, were hitched two teams of heavy draught horses.
  • Two teams were made up for this afternoon, one of them the regulars, and the other a "scrub," though with some fair players aboard, mostly substitutes.
  • Negotiations are to be opened to-day between representatives of the two teams looking to a third and deciding contest to be played on the High School field some time between now and the end of the month.
  • It is true that Thorn and Steel were both energetic, but no man can drive two teams at once, and it was my impression that, having more at stake, I could do considerably more in person than either of them.
  • Bob said good-bye to Akonuk and Matuk and the two teams took different directions and were soon lost to each other's view.
  • The two teams went rollicking and tumbling up and down the field for a few moments; then Collingwood and the Harvard captain met in the centre, Mr. Barclay tossed a coin, and the players went to their positions.
  • The two teams, after hanging about dismally, and whiling the time away with stump-cricket in the changing-rooms, lunched in the pavilion at one o'clock.
  • The two teams, after hanging about dismally, and whiling the time away with stump-cricket in the changing rooms, lunched in the pavilion at one o'clock.
  • Being a lady, she could make no sense at all of the deadly uproar, and she was quite thrilled and charmed when of a sudden the tumult subsided, and she found that out of that apparently aimless clamor, two teams had been selected and the players assigned to their various positions on the field.
  • Clearfield cheered Rutter's Point, in the intoxication of the moment using the regular High School slogan, and Rutter's Point cheered Clearfield and bats were gathered up and the two teams started off the field.
  • He said he hadn't time to waste on saving horses; but he always had one or two teams that he took good care of; and once in a while Pinck Johnson went back, to Kentucky, it was said, and brought on a fresh supply.
  • They had found a sign, but there was so much crossing and recrossing that the best of scouts could have made nothing of it; and he concluded that the party he sought had got well away, when all at once they came upon the undoubted spoor of the two teams of oxen, followed it into the bush, and just at dusk came upon the two wagons in a bush-like patch among the trees.
  • On the occasion of this Mankato contest we formed two parties, one from Mankato and one from Traverse, and started with two teams, on wheels, there being no snow, and the first day we reached a point in the woods, somewhere near the present town of Elysian, and there camped.
  • When he told a story he always began: "In the early days--" His son Lee had charge of the horses of which we had fourteen, two teams and ten saddle horses.
  • And here we are in drifting ice, not knowing exactly where we are, uncertain as to our distance from an unknown land, where we hope to find means of sustaining life and thence carve our way on towards home, with two teams of dogs whose numbers and strength diminish day by day, with ice and water between us and our goal which may cause us untold trouble, with sledges which now, at any rate, are too heavy for our own powers.
  • We fitted out two teams with camp wagons and tent, and started from Long Beach about the 26th of April, traveling about twenty miles a day, going first via the coast to Santa Barbara and thence via Merced over to the Yosemite valley.
  • For a few minutes the sleighs ran equal, but before long, in spite of all Zakhare could do, Nicolas gained on him and at last flew past him like a lightning flash; a cloud of fine snow, kicked up by the horses, came showering down on the rival sleigh; the women squeaked, and the two teams had a struggle for the precedence, their shadows crossing and mingling on the snow.
  • When our morning meal of soup and meat was finished, Bennett's two teams, and the two of Arcane's concluded their chances of life were better if they could take some provisions and strike out on foot, and so they were given what they could carry, and they arranged their packs and bade us a sorrowful good bye hoping to meet again on the Pacific Coast.

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  • The two teams consisted of eight cadets each.
  • Four men and two teams worked hard for ten days, and then it was not finished.
  • One or two teams had passed, but no Shaker wagon rattling through the night.
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