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  • Silently corrected obvious typesetting errors.

How To Use Typesetting In A Sentence?

  • Obvious minor typesetting errors in punctuation have been silently corrected.
  • Describe evolution of typesetting from hand composition to machine composition.
  • A few newspapers are using typesetting machines for all or part of their composition.
  • The amount is always small because the main costs of typesetting and stereotyping are eliminated from the price.
  • A brief history of typesetting machines, with descriptions of their mechanical principles and operations.
  • A few obvious misprints have been corrected, but in general the original spelling and typesetting conventions have been retained.
  • The concluding sentence in a quoted letter by the author ends with a question mark in the original publication, a likely typesetting error for a period at the end of the sentence which would agree with the context.

Definition of Typesetting

present participle of typeset | (typography) The setting or composition of written material into type.
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