Typewriting in a sentence

Definition of Typewriting

present participle of typewrite | The act, or the skill, of using a typewriter. | The material produced by a typewriter; typescript.

How to use Typewriting in a Sentence?

  • There is, now that typewriting is fairly established, no copying work left to speak of.
  • In sheer desperation I took the cover of my typewriting machine and tried to catch him in that.
  • The test is consequently recommended as a useful means of detecting typewriting and stenographic ability.
  • Among the other private papers preserved within the wallet were four scraps of notepaper with typewriting upon them.
  • And don't have any idle dreams about studying shorthand and typewriting at night; you'll kill yourself if you try it.
  • Beatrice also had a private teacher for typewriting and so on, but she gave it all up because she felt the confinement and long hours made her head ache and she gained weight.
  • The printing telegraphs of to-day produce their messages by the direct operation of typewriting machines or mechanisms operating substantially in the same manner as the ordinary typewriting machine.
  • After I had disposed of our two suitcases and my typewriting machine the only solution of another difficulty that immediately arose was to leave our feet out in the hall.

Short Example Sentence for Typewriting

  • I am the typewriting from dictation.
  • Good typewriting is the main thing in a story.
  • Do you mean, can I use a typewriting machine?
  • He taught the managerial typewriting girl how to make afternoon tea.
  • I always thought artists couldn't stand typewriting machines.