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  • He was a typical tinker.
  • This is a very characteristic and typical picture.
  • The solution has all the properties typical of an acid.
  • That typical idler had made the most of his misfortunes.
  • The menus given are typical of the diet during the summer.
  • He is too typical a British statesman for that.
  • Homma and Katada were typical of their caste.
  • A typical form of polarized bell is shown in Fig.
  • As typical of sneak-current arresters, Fig.
  • He might have been selected as a typical Anglo-Saxon.
  • The early Oswego & Syracuse Railroad was typical of these.
  • Its Typical Forms and Primeval Distribution.
  • This organisation has three grades or three typical aspects.
  • I feel that in these matters my life has been almost typical of my time.
  • The carved and colored sledges are also typical of Friesland.
  • In his typical way Manguino had once again failed to see a potential danger.
  • This poem is very simple in its form and is typical of Bryant's nature poems.

How To Use Typical In A Sentence?

  • The typical fanlike mycelial growth can be observed in the bark of infected oaks.
  • Above all, when considering them we must think of the typical development of the generations.
  • A typical number includes articles on questions of general interest to women everywhere.
  • The typical male ament is three branched but one and two branched aments have been observed.
  • A typical form of hook switch, as employed in the ordinary wall telephone sets, is shown in Fig.
  • There were free beer, free tobacco, free provender for everybody, in typical German plenty.
  • Leaning over her was a tall, elderly, hard-featured French woman with a typical Norman face.
  • I have known the red cloth of the typical lama's robe adapted to these purposes.
  • The shepherds of the poem are typical characters made to pass through the typical experiences of times of distress.
  • I remember very distinctly a dinner and a subsequent walk with him which presents itself now as altogether typical of the quality of his influence.
  • Another typical ringer is that of the Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company, shown in Fig.
  • When cut they exhibit the typical whitish, opaque appearance described as "virgin.
  • Two trees had husks so thin as to be more typical of red hickory while only 6 trees had husks 1/2 inch thick or more.
  • He was clad in typical prairie costume, his loose cotton shirt well matching the unclean condition of his face.
  • His hair sometimes seemed to me typical of his mind and tastes, which Time never robbed of their enthusiasm.
  • Such instances are typical of the manly cooperation that made the Pony Express the true success that it was.
  • The case at Jhalakati, where the young boycotters practically took possession of the bazaar, is a prominent typical instance.
  • In other respects the diet is said to be typical of the diet of a Bohemian family of moderate income in Moravia.
  • Of our more common, typical forms of Dragon flies, we figure a few, commonly observed during the summer.
  • To Brenda and Herbert the change was typical of the whole difference these unwelcome guests would make in their lives.
  • The typical number for shagbark is 5, but 3 to 7 were found; three leaflets were common, 5 were abundant and 7 leaflets were rare.
  • It is, in truth, a gloomy place, typical of desolation, which it is well to see once, but which no one will desire to visit a second time.
  • Always for me he has been the typical aristocrat, so typical and above the mere forms of aristocracy, that he remained a commoner to the end of his days.

Definition of Typical

Capturing the overall sense of a thing. | Characteristically representing something by form, group, idea or type. | Normal, average; to be expected.
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