Tyrannize In A Sentence

Definition of Tyrannize

(transitive) To oppress (someone). | (intransitive) To rule as a tyrant.

How To Use Tyrannize In A Sentence?

  • But with these cringing sisters of his who allowed him to tyrannize over them she had nothing in common.
  • The great capitalists have built thrones on their money-bags and tyrannize over those who have no money.
  • But such a conduct can not please the ministers of religion, who wish to have the right to tyrannize over even the thoughts of men.
  • It is this arrogance that has brought about the bomb, and the more they tyrannize over a helpless and unarmed people, the more terrorism will grow.
  • Have not you, you priests, in the West exalted yourselves to tyrannize over the consciences of your fellow-men?
  • There would be occasions, as there have been, when an excited people or majority would tyrannize over the individual, indeed over the minority.
  • It displayed a very touching solicitude for the Croats, whom the Serbs would be sure to tyrannize most horribly.
  • It drew instant response from dominant maternalism, the deep instinct that caused Lee to tyrannize over the Three.
  • Peter wondered at their dumbness in the face of the news that the man who had ridden them into blindness, into starvation and death, was no longer to tyrannize over them.
  • The people, through their chosen representatives, wielding the whole power of the national organization, could not be expected to tyrannize over themselves.
  • If such men did not brutally tyrannize over the one human being whom the law compels to bear everything from them, society must already have reached a paradisiacal state.
  • In fact, the real disturbers of the peace are those who, in a free state, seek to curtail the liberty of judgment which they are unable to tyrannize over.
  • All this it did; but it could not make men fight less with one another, nor tyrannize less cruelly over the serfs, and when they were able, over burgesses.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tyrannize | Tyrannize Sentence

  • They tyrannize rather than soothe and please.
  • Proud monarchs, who tyrannize most.
  • At present, the servants are set above, defy, and tyrannize over the masters.
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