Tyranny In A Sentence

How To Use Tyranny In A Sentence?

  • Liberty consists in the struggle of will against this tyranny and this anarchy.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tyranny | Tyranny Sentence

  • What tyranny was here!
  • Beware the tyranny of your own harem.
  • The tyranny of the sensual.
  • The tyranny of the present.
  • Those wars of tyranny and servitude!
  • It was only the tyranny of the hated police.
  • One tyranny begot another.
  • They sunk to tyranny a prey.
  • Her tyranny is more petty and more relentless.
  • His tyranny became unbearable.
  • Than rule with tyranny and discontent.
  • We will only mention here the worst tyranny of all.
  • Invisibility usually makes the tyranny more potent.
  • That certainly would not be the tyranny of the commonplace.
  • The problem was one not of tyranny but of anarchy.
  • It had been used for tyranny instead of for justice.
  • The tyranny of a majority even is unknown.
  • He abhorred tyranny in every form.
  • It is more manifest than ever that tyranny rules.
  • Real ecclesiastical tyranny with pure traditions.
  • From his tyranny his struggling tenantry have no redress.
  • The blow was not aimed at tyranny or wealth.
  • Its demands freed the artist from the tyranny of nature.
  • He learned now the awful tyranny of the human face.
  • Domestic tyranny belongs to neither sex by monopoly.
  • Such narrow-minded tyranny always defeats its own objects.
  • Stuart Tyranny in the colonies.
  • I did not crave the tyranny of Athens!
  • Thus, on both sides, tyranny under different forms.
  • Our forefathers abolished the tyranny of the Crown.
  • For Parliament could not make an act of tyranny legal.
  • Such is Tyranny and Ambition.
  • Do not hand over your loyal Poles to the tyranny of Bora.
  • Among other Instances of Hellish Tyranny there exercised.
  • The latest victim of his tyranny is Lady Saint Pauli.
  • Willoughby, W.W., on the tyranny of majority rule, 295.
  • There is an issue between tyranny and liberty which is to the point.
  • It was her moment of rebellion against the tyranny of tradition.
  • All this tyranny was beginning to produce its natural effect.

Definition of Tyranny

A government in which a single ruler (a tyrant) has absolute power; this system of government. | The office or jurisdiction of an absolute ruler. | Absolute power, or its use.
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