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How To Use Ugliest In A Sentence?

  • It is filled with songs of deepest thoughts or words of ugliest shape without choosing either.
  • Into the ugliest tenement street Christmas brings something of picturesqueness as of cheer.
  • Quite the ugliest face I ever saw was that of a woman whom the world calls beautiful.
  • It is an including form no longer, but an added, isolated line, and the ugliest possible.
  • But the ugliest man, the criminal, the invalid, and the cripple, are still living human beings.
  • It accounts for the fact that London is at once the largest and ugliest city in Europe.
  • He turned on Mrs. Barry with the ugliest look she had ever beheld in a human countenance.
  • With one exception, indeed, it is the ugliest church in the whole of London City.
  • The most interesting and ugliest negro now in camp, is known as Simon Bolivar Buckner.
  • Well might Lady Meg Duddington swear it was the ugliest name she had ever heard in her life!
  • It wasn't the pottery that interested me even there, but only the ugliest designs.
  • I could gaze and gaze for ever at this lovely panorama, but am told this is the ugliest part of the road.
  • After a good nap we set off again, but were soon stopped by the ugliest lane we have yet come across.
  • Men grinned through horse-collars to see who could make the ugliest face and so win a pair of new trousers.
  • Happily, in this world of ours, the ugliest little goose generally finds some honest gander to admire her.
  • The kite balloon is the ugliest thing that man has ever seen when he looks up at the sky, but it serves its purpose.
  • With great protruding lips, and no chin to speak of, they were surely the ugliest women in the world.
  • He was a gloomy, sullen, bilious sort of man, with a remarkable partiality for the ugliest women in the country.
  • It would be well to study the ugliest as well as the most beautiful parts of that drama, and see what it really means, and what is its lesson.
  • Another (the most unpleasant and ugliest person here) has chosen me for the confidant of his past amours; he gives me the names and dates and all.
  • And while red hair looks very well on me, I do think a man with it is the ugliest thing in creation.
  • Then a small grating opened, and there appeared the tip of a huge nose, which belonged to the ugliest old woman that ever was seen.
  • A melancholy hubbub of discords, struggling in vain for a solution, was heard through the open window of one of the newest and ugliest houses.
  • Bob Dickenson said it was the ugliest and dirtiest place that ever called itself a town; and he was fairly right about the former.
  • I am the ugliest fairy in the world; and I shall be, till people behave themselves as they ought to do.
  • He related with candor what had happened, making no attempt to hide the ugliest facts; and Brand grasped at the opportunity opened for him.
  • But look upon my son Maximus, how much spoilt is his appearance by horrible disease; he is unquestionably the ugliest of us all!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ugliest | Ugliest Sentence

  • But ugliest of all was its purpose.
  • I shall be the ugliest woman alive!
  • That is the ugliest thing in the story of his life.
  • The pages resembled the ugliest sweeps.
  • But the ugliest of us have some good about us.
  • Indeed I am become the ugliest woman in all the world.
  • It is at the same time the triumph of the ugliest and most brutal materialism.
  • I would rather be the ugliest person in the world and be loved.
  • In short, she was the poorest and ugliest old woman that ever came begging.
  • Jiro became a grotesque, fit to adorn the ugliest of Satsuma plaques.
  • The case also disappeared, the present one being among the ugliest in England.
  • Then, it was the ugliest thing that Karen had ever seen, the mask broke.
  • Always when he felt ugliest Sanderson's drawl became more pronounced.

Definition of Ugliest

superlative form of ugly: most ugly
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