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How To Use Ugliness In A Sentence?

  • Consequently nothing can exceed the ugliness of the aspect of the country at this time.
  • Poverty in all its horrors and ugliness to be dished out as an after-dinner amusement?
  • Archie looked at her with a peculiar stare in which ugliness and something more evil were mixed.
  • Its ugliness and forlornness can be matched in the factory section of almost any large city.
  • And beneath the ugliness of the mask that now presented itself there was only Death at last.
  • I had only to speak of Alsace to bring him to a mood of sullen ugliness and hatred.
  • In future I shall treat all such excuses for ugliness and dulness as they deserve.
  • Then I thought of my skinniness and ugliness in comparison with her slight but perfect beauty.
  • To watch its ugliness assume a majesty From this great solitude of evening skies.
  • She had a dark, homely face, only redeemed from positive ugliness by her deep, expressive eyes.
  • In choosing a wife, prefer even Bristol ugliness to beauty, especially if there be a fortune.
  • Both reproduce with exasperation what is generally regarded as the sordid ugliness of commonplace daily life.
  • Fairies and journalists seem to be lovely and lawless; they seem to be both of them too exquisite to descend to the ugliness of everyday duty.
  • In a neighbourhood where architectural monstrosities abounded, perhaps it outdid them all in its almost brutal ugliness and vulgarity.
  • Time spent in this study is gain, when one remembers in how many ways actual outward ugliness is an impediment.
  • Beauty, in another, exercises an attractive force that enables a gratification of the impulse which ugliness arrests.
  • What changed the face, so beautiful and terrible in youth, to ugliness that shrank from sight in manhood?
  • True, beauty does not last for ever; but who would think of singing the praises of ugliness because it does last?
  • Their bodies were enclosed in their gas-tight uniforms whose ugly head-pieces served only to conceal the greater ugliness beneath.
  • And she stared, in a kind of fascination that increased the ache in her heart; at the ugliness and cruelty of the twentieth century.
  • In summer, the ugliness of the most unsightly bank is covered where this tree is allowed to run wild and throw up its root suckers unchecked.
  • The unsparing light revealed more ugliness than Katharine had seen in one room for a very long time.
  • If my body rested, my brain was an open chamber for any toad of ugliness that listed to "sit at squat" in.
  • Then he went home, and found that the daffodils had come, and he filled the room with them, converting its dingy ugliness into a shining glory.
  • But, again, there is ugliness in the world; and one ugly thing, it is suggested, destroys all your deductions from beauty.
  • His personal ugliness and deformity rendered it impossible for Theophano to love him, and the match was one of interest rather than of affection.
  • Error, vice, and ugliness should not deter the soul from seeing truth, goodness, and beauty, wherever they are to be found.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ugliness | Ugliness Sentence

  • Her one instinct was to hide her ugliness from every one.
  • It is the spiritual presence which transforms ugliness into beauty.
  • Her homeliness of appearance amounted to the ugliness that is bitter.
  • And even the scars where ugliness was time whitens and obliterates.
  • But everything that his eyes beheld was stamped with ugliness and dejection.
  • No newspaper would tolerate letters of such an ugliness in its headlines.
  • Again, ugliness has borne away the palm of utility from beauty.
  • Extraordinary ugliness would account for it: she might fear terrifying me!
  • But he saw its ugliness now and laughed about it with Ernest.
  • Judging by their faces, vice and ugliness would seem to be pretty nearly akin.
  • That--and that--how describe the ugliness of your face!
  • And yet I liked his ugliness better than most persons' beauty.
  • We work without Nature's assistance, and we reap ugliness as the reward.

Definition of Ugliness

The condition of being ugly | An unsightly or frightful object
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