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How To Use Umbrage In A Sentence?

  • A very good-natured laugh from the others showed how little umbrage the frank avowal excited.
  • When a husband takes umbrage at such jests, it is a sure sign that he feels himself hit.
  • Racey Dawson was too reduced in spirit to properly take umbrage at this insult to his horse.
  • But, under Domitian, Christianity began to give some umbrage to the government.
  • He took no umbrage at his companion's brusquely-expressed estimation of himself.
  • Great rocks rose here and there, but in their fissures rose stately trees, under whose umbrage nestled the villages of the people.
  • On one occasion paragraphs had appeared in the papers about the Corps which probably gave some umbrage to the authorities.
  • Nothing of this diplomacy was revealed to his Majesty, whose punctiliousness and dignity would have taken umbrage thereat.
  • Other persons residing in the neighbourhood took umbrage at the innovation, and also made appeals to the Government on the subject.
  • Whereat the veteran took great umbrage and, slapping his sword, let the King know that he had served him well and was entitled to better treatment.
  • And there was, in fact, between the two Balkan people a spirit of cordiality which gave terrible umbrage to the Italians.
  • In these two miles of umbrage you may see types of almost every tree that grows within the boundaries of New England.
  • The Bois de Boulogne invites you earnestly to come and survey its beautiful verdure, to retire to its umbrage from the heats of the season.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Umbrage | Umbrage Sentence

  • All the force of his being had to take umbrage at this.
  • Orleans, ni umbrage en ce champ.
  • Italie, ni Orleans, ni umbrage en ce champ.
  • Whitaker found his irrelevant trick of umbrage trying in the extreme.
  • Kathryn promptly took umbrage at the singular number of the pronoun.
  • He never took umbrage till he had discovered all the possibilities of a man.

Definition of Umbrage

(transitive) To displease or cause offense. | (transitive) To shade. | A feeling of anger or annoyance caused by something offensive.
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