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  • She was looking at him with unabashed frankness.
  • An unabashed intruder, that fellow!
  • I can but once remember escaping him unabashed and unconquered.
  • She was bold and unabashed where Lucy was shy and unassuming.
  • But Granny Grimshaw remained unabashed and wholly unimpressed.

How To Use Unabashed In A Sentence?

  • She gazed after the trailer with the unabashed interest of a child, wondering who he might be.
  • These two facing each other were as honest as the rocky coast, as unabashed as the wind.
  • She is unabashed by the knowledge that I have been put upon my guard as to her true character.
  • It linked that time with this, as Madame Beattie, in her unabashed self-seeking, linked it.
  • He stood out now unabashed and unashamed, and refused to give any information about his business affairs.
  • He swung himself along rapidly, unabashed by the stares of the women or the impudent comment of the children.
  • The subject of the eulogy stared back unabashed at the guests, who stared at him in admiration and curiosity.
  • She did not thank him, accepting the favor with the simplicity of a weaker nature that leans unabashed on a stronger.
  • But there by Mullins's bed, all unabashed at Janet's marked disapprobation, sat Norah Shaughnessy.
  • I was assailed by troops of children whose tremendous vitality and unabashed enterprise made me tremble with forebodings for the future.
  • Dart laughed too, his amusement apparently as genuine as hers, and entirely unabashed by the unconcealed appraisal of her glance at him.
  • The doctor walked over to the bed, folded his arms across his chest and stared down into the unabashed eyes of his patient.
  • The child laughed, and stopped with his train in front of the customer, staring at her with unabashed eyes.
  • As he stood there, unabashed and unrepentant, she looked round quickly, in search of something to strike him with.
  • He would have passed on in this outrageous strain without remission, had not Gordon checked him with a determined and unabashed voice.
  • She has a military erectness, and answers you and looks you straight at the eyes, perfectly unabashed by your seeing "the girl she is," as you say.
  • Bach was the lonely scholar who lived apart from outside turmoil and unabashed in the presence of earthly monarchs, reigned supreme in the tone-world.
  • It was an age of meaningless gallantry and real brutality; the high-flown compliment and pretended adoration covered cynical intention and unabashed effrontery.
  • Lord Palmerston?" suggested Sir Wilfrid, attacking his own lunch meanwhile with unabashed vigor.

Definition of Unabashed

Not disconcerted or embarrassed. | (of emotions, facts, actions etc.) That are not concealed or disguised, or not eliciting shame.
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