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  • She was unable to move.
  • But he was unable to answer.
  • At this they stood irresolute, unable to make him out.
  • He stood with his eyes fixed upon it unable to move.
  • Mr. Lancaster had found himself unable to go.
  • On the other hand, she was unable to get any slack in the chains.
  • Then I called, as by letter we were unable to agree upon details.

How To Use Unable In A Sentence?

  • There is a short period in each year when even the matured wild ducks are quite unable to fly.
  • Should the battle begin, he added, he might be unable to restrain his followers.
  • Music was one of the things Joan found herself unable to share with her husband.
  • He uttered a weak, wavering scream, and stood there, unable to turn away his gaze.
  • Mr. Laselle was sick at the time and unable to go to his son, if he had wished.
  • And earth has divided their ashes, unable to suffer The weight of so many tombs.
  • The sight had given him a curious feeling which he had tried to analyze but had been unable to find a satisfactory name for it.
  • I have been hitherto unable to answer your friendly letter, having been much occupied and still far from well.
  • But his eyes fell on the tall wardrobe, and he went towards it feeling irritated with himself and yet unable to desist.
  • Other ears are unable to detect a difference in two sounds when they differ by as much as one full step of the chromatic scale.
  • That something was wrong he was sure; but, as he was alone, he was unable to oppose their departure.
  • If unable to find a hiding place a pursued cottontail will run 600 to 1200 feet while circling and returning to the area from which it ran.
  • He has been unable to pay his rent, so of course he is obliged to move somewhere, if he can find a place to move into.
  • She found herself like a feather in his grasp, helpless, unable to struggle, with her feet off the ground.
  • Yet, though unable properly to establish themselves, they formed squares, and roughly repelled the enemy.
  • Being unable to guess her intention the mandarin took his departure, and the family lived long in opulence and good repute under its chosen head.
  • With face still averted, she began to feel about her dress for her handkerchief; but being unable to find it, she gave it up.
  • Having been again in bad health during the last ten months, I have hitherto been unable to answer your letter.
  • The tiger half rose, but being unable to see his assailant on account of the intervening bush, dropped again on his prey with a sudden growl.
  • For the space of several minutes, unable to gain their feet, they rolled back and forth and pounded and hammered from wall to wall.
  • But the nature of false opinion seemed impenetrable; for we were unable to understand how there could be any reality in Not-being.
  • We were utterly unable to thank him, and, stumbling over each other in the passage, flew up to our own room like caged birds set free.
  • Our pressing financial problem was so constantly in my thoughts that now, in my weariness, I found myself unable to dismiss it.
  • We must communicate, of course, with Vanderseld; but the probability is that he will be unable to give us any information.
  • But sin has made its appearance in the world; and hence, God must have been either unable or unwilling to prevent it.
  • He has never ceased to contend, that as God has permitted sin to exist, he was either unable or unwilling to prevent it.
  • He looked then like a devil; but a man without hands, unable to load or handle a weapon, can at best go for one only with his teeth.
  • Brief as my nap had been, it was, nevertheless, so sound that at first I was bewildered and unable to recall what had happened.
  • The only matter that troubled the Maid was that we were unable to hear Mass, as she longed to do daily.
  • About noon those of us who appeared unable to march farther were put on top of freight cars, and carried about a dozen miles east to Waynesboro.
  • I began to mistrust, even to hate him, while I was still subject to his power, and unable to acquaint him with the change in my feelings.
  • But, though utterly unable to repay the unspeakable beneficence of God, gratitude affords an humble compensation suited to our limited powers.
  • For she had arrived at Victoria Station unable to remember who she was or where she came from, ticketless, a few shillings in her purse.

Definition of Unable

Not able; lacking a certain ability. | (transitive, nonstandard) To render unable; disable
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