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  • What he said was unalterably true.
  • I am unalterably opposed to the wanton destruction of life.
  • We stand unalterably in favor of the public-school system in its entirety.
  • It has determined Bingo unalterably to grow up in the right way.
  • He was tall, spare, pale, red-haired, and he looked unalterably calm.

How To Use Unalterably In A Sentence?

  • Mira was at once unalterably faithful to him and unalterably determined not to marry unless he could give her something like a position.
  • He thought upon his cousins, in whose lives their mother's life had seemed unalterably bound up.
  • This one meeting sufficed unalterably to convince Eveley that she was totally and helplessly out of her element.
  • If a maid desires to attach the affections of her lover unalterably to her, she must wait till she finds him asleep with his clothes on.
  • Nature has endowed him with a gentle, even, and unalterably good disposition; he is made up of good qualities.
  • It was of negligible importance that these books were bound in paper; Romance lay unalterably within.
  • But Spinoza was unalterably opposed to any encroachment of Church authority upon the just liberties of men.
  • In the mind of the general reader Brittany is unalterably associated with the prehistoric stone monuments which are so closely identified with its folk-lore and national life.
  • Why, beyond the earth, should anyone desire to remain unalterably tied to and inextricably wrapped up in such a personality as my own, especially if others of superior texture abounded about them?
  • Getting through and behind the most visible and obvious of the worlds one was in the sphere of true values; they lay all about, shining in unveiled strangeness, eternally and unalterably lit.
  • There are things and there are faces which, when felt or seen for the first time, stamp themselves upon the mind like a sun image on a sensitized plate and there remain unalterably fixed.

Definition of Unalterably

In an unalterable manner; in a manner that makes it impossible to be altered.
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