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  • But egyptologists now seem to be unanimous in rejecting both these derivations.
  • At the present day there is practically unanimous agreement as to the spelling of most words.
  • It is to be a triangular league at present, but other schools may be admitted by unanimous vote.
  • One and all were unanimous in their story of the horrors of the famine-prisons of Germany.
  • They are only unanimous in charging one or other, or all the powers, of the Triple Entente.
  • The women were unanimous in the opinion that if the school only kept the lads from drink it would be a blessing to the place.
  • And when the election was held in the autumn of 1792, he was reelected by the equivalent of a unanimous vote.
  • All classes and all political parties have been unanimous for years past, that every man should be a soldier.
  • Palamedes is falsely accused of treason, condemned by the unanimous voice of his judges and sent to death.
  • As a social and political fact, this unanimous demonstration of colonial feeling was of profound significance.
  • All who have ever written on government are unanimous that among a people generally corrupt liberty cannot long exist.
  • As the decision was not unanimous they locked up the said map and would not produce it again, although they were requested to do so by us.
  • The board votes unanimous to invest the paid-in capital in a suit of new jeans for the president, which was me.
  • Since this was written, however, men of science have become less unanimous than they formerly were on this point.
  • There was a unanimous assent as the boys crowded around the motorcycle, looking at it almost with the rapt intentness of worshippers at a shrine.
  • There seemed to be an unusual interest manifested by these men in the state of the produce market, and a unanimous report of its good condition.
  • It is the pretty unanimous conclusion of book-writers that prefaces are most unnecessary and useless prependages, since nobody reads them.
  • We were unanimous as to that, but unanimity brought no comfort, until we all together hit on a notion that did ease our feelings a trifle.
  • A nearly unanimous conclusion on certain fine-spun doctrines was reached at length by means of affirmations couched in language vague or ambiguous.
  • It is not a matter of convention among men, is not established even by their unanimous assent, and it does not change with changes of opinion.
  • He was found guilty by the unanimous verdict of the Lords who tried him, and was sentenced to the block.
  • They should not depress him quite, but if they are long unanimous in holding him cheap, he is warned, and had better withdraw from the struggle.
  • When the servants were interrogated they were all unanimous in declaring that with the exception of Soyer and Mlle.
  • They scour the forest, are unanimous in the pursuit, and, after a long chase, pull down a noble stag.
  • The result of our morning's stroll was the unanimous conclusion, that Glyndewi was a rising place.
  • But they were unanimous in saying that what Cole Dalton couldn't do they would do.
  • The President had yielded to that opinion against his own judgment, and against the unanimous opinion of his Cabinet.
  • A consultation was held, and it was the unanimous opinion that they should keep on and join McNeil, if they could.
  • The tribute of a nation was again paid in his unanimous reelection to a second term, which nothing except his own will determined for the last.
  • They hoped, after the preliminary organization of the town government should have been completed, to have the unanimous ratification of all their actions.
  • If a unanimous agreement is reached, it results in a collective bargain having the same effect as if reached by joint organization in the shop.
  • He had overstepped the bounds of decency so far, that even such a crowd as made his audience was silent as if unanimous disgust was beyond utterance.
  • There can hardly be any doubt, at present, cast on the truth of the above passages, as all the great thinkers are unanimous on the matter.
  • With the unanimous great founts of power And that that day supreme, that single hour, Hath made a god of thee.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unanimous | Unanimous Sentence

  • The verdict is unanimous and unassailable.
  • The report was a unanimous report.
  • The entire press met me with unanimous enthusiasm.
  • An unanimous 'Sarting!' echoed through the crowd.
  • Their unanimous note of praise has been a source of pride to him.
  • A provision prohibiting slavery was carried by a unanimous vote.

Definition of Unanimous

Based on unanimity, assent or agreement. | Sharing the same views or opinions, and being in harmony or accord.
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