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  • Edward received these honors in a very modest and unassuming manner.
  • He does not value etiquette, and is very unassuming and natural.
  • It is an unassuming brick building of three stories, in good repair.
  • Garth pictured a homely, unassuming body, with a great heart.
  • It is an honour from which, being an unassuming man, I shrink.
  • Comfort have thou of thy merit, Kindly, unassuming Spirit!
  • It is too quiet--too lowly and unassuming for them.
  • He's a quiet, unassuming sort of man, rather hard to draw than otherwise.

How To Use Unassuming In A Sentence?

  • They were very quiet and unassuming and earned the great respect of the cabmen.
  • The time has gone by when self-advancement can be gained by modest and unassuming methods.
  • In reality the original was probably some unassuming little inhabitant of the isthmian jungles.
  • He is well aware that a book designed on this unassuming scale must be more or less eclectic.
  • He has captured many a cattle-stealer, they say, in that unassuming bush attire.
  • But with all her gentle unassuming ways, St. Brigit was a woman of strong mind and great talents.
  • He seemed a quiet, unassuming man, and was spoken of by General Ripley as an excellent officer.
  • His manners are represented by those who were familiarly acquainted with him as unassuming and social.
  • Naturally unassuming and unambitious, his character is as irreproachable as his large-heartedness is conspicuous.
  • The speaker for that little meeting was a slight and unassuming young man who was greeted with cheers.
  • Owing to its unassuming title the startling implications contained in the paper were completely overlooked by the press.
  • His chief characteristic seems to have been an extremely sensitive, modest and unassuming personality.
  • But there sprang up a voluminous literature of novels, which were eagerly bought by unassuming readers.
  • A half-unconscious desire to forget himself among natural and unassuming people moved him to enter the garden.
  • Yet who does not feel its charm in the unassuming woman, ready to learn, and to reverence superiority?
  • An unassuming simplicity in dress should always be preferred, as it prepossesses every one in favor of the wearer.
  • He was a man of unassuming manners, of great intelligence, and of extensive acquaintance with diplomatic subjects.
  • She was slender and graceful, with that air at once exquisite and unassuming that he had seen in the Englishwoman of his dreams.
  • Sir Charles was a most unassuming character, and seldom adventured on addressing his superiors first.
  • A man like Rockefeller is praised as a sort of pagan stoic for his early rising or his unassuming dress.
  • Moreover, the gentle and unassuming manner of the young singer, as she received the praise showered on her, completely won the hearts of all.
  • Mr. Bell was as thin as his wife was fat, and as quiet and unassuming as she was bumptious and talkative.
  • Such was the person who came to the barracks in so unassuming a manner, and whose protection I was so fortunate as to obtain.
  • He was a small, lean man, of unassuming appearance, with a thin face and gray eyes set close together.
  • He took possession of the platform and audience in an easy, unassuming manner, and delivered an address amusing and learned, yet understandable.
  • With all these Pathema was perfectly armed, her value was speedily recognised, and she became an unassuming soldier in the strife.
  • In a country where lodgings of any sort are so few and far between, the wayfarer may do worse than pitch his camp for a night in these unassuming quarters.
  • These last words were addressed to a very respectable-looking person, whom the servant had ushered in, and who bowed to us in a very decorous and unassuming fashion.
  • The blustering braggart does not often prove to be a hero in time of danger, and the gentle, unassuming woman is the type of which heroines are frequently made.
  • Unconsciously he relapsed to his habitual self, and, inasmuch as most any one who is unassuming and entirely natural is entertaining, seemed to keep his companion happy.
  • There were times when we posed like young gods (of unassuming exterior), and times when we were full of the absurdest little solicitudes about our prospects.
  • After passing two months there, at the age of sixteen, he came to his retired abode with the same delight, the same unassuming manners and simplicity of taste.

Definition of Unassuming

modest and having no pretensions or ostentation
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