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  • Every unattached man has the same pang now and then.
  • After that his crew set the unattached switches beyond themselves.
  • Nothing unattached was left--nothing!

How To Use Unattached In A Sentence?

  • Here was a man, an unattached man, living next door to her, whom she had not even seen.
  • Vague spirits unattached are also held in dread, and inspire sorcerers and poets, as also does the god Bunjil.
  • Grafton himself, casting an unattached but attachable eye round him on entering the room, would have made his way instinctively to the group in which she was sitting.
  • The hired man of that time was the occasional unattached member of society, or one who was forced out of the family hive by the excess of hands and the deficiency of land.
  • That I have been cashiered, too, they assert, in face of the 'Gazette,' which announces my appointment to an unattached majority.

Definition of Unattached

Not married or involved in a romantic relationship. | Not attached, not connected with or belonging to a particular group or organization.
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