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How To Use Unavoidable In A Sentence?

  • It was unavoidable that the news should have leaked out among the soldiers now in camp.
  • But there are certain unavoidable and indeed quite necessary expenses which must be satisfied.
  • When all was said and done, the certificate had come into his possession by unavoidable chance.
  • Later he went to his own rooms, and when dinner was announced apologized for unavoidable delay.
  • Then there is torture, but an unavoidable torture, in the mode in which horses are killed.
  • I fully expected to have left it a fortnight ago, but unavoidable delays have occurred.
  • I had to be away from home on unavoidable business the day Betty returned to Glenby.
  • Dr. Mueller occupied the chair, in the unavoidable absence of Sir William Stawell.
  • For this end it was as unavoidable for them to break with the church and priesthood as it is necessary for us.
  • What more than all things must have plagued a man with that face was probably the unavoidable meanness of his career.
  • The danger of such an unavoidable concentration of armament and men was that a lucky shot might land in the midst of it.
  • But he could not dismiss the rumors of countless other petitions in preparation and the unavoidable disturbance such an onslaught would produce.
  • He explained that the sum named was not merely for the work but also for expenses that would be unavoidable in carrying on the work.
  • If it was some unavoidable accident, couldn't he have telephoned or telegraphed?...
  • Evidently the shock had adversely affected his temper, to the point where he might make personal issues out of unavoidable trifles.
  • If sickness or unavoidable accident intervene, inform the hostess at once that she may be able to supply a substitute for the part.
  • Some prints behave differently, and it is in the control of these unavoidable variations with different prints that skill and success come.
  • Yet hardly anyone doubted that the king would, in the end, have recourse to this now unavoidable measure.
  • Except for the minute and unavoidable leakage of current, they were as good as the day they were assembled, and would be for another century.
  • It seems therefore that a certain amount of waste is unavoidable unless wood-working plants are established near the forest regions.
  • Quickly, his metal-shod feet creating an unavoidable racket, he was through a connecting door and into the well-furnished dining room.
  • A revolution in Europe means, then, the unavoidable stoppage of at least half the factories and workshops.
  • In this crucial and unavoidable dilemma, Virchow has declared himself publicly in favour of the latter, and against the former hypothesis.
  • In such general explanations as are unavoidable we shall content ourselves with paraphrasing M. Maspero.
  • It is doubtless true that all or any of them may have unavoidable errors; for the Indians are continually removing, dying, or absenting themselves.
  • It is an unavoidable question how far from the higher point of view of the social mind the psychotherapeutic efforts should be encouraged or suppressed.
  • It need scarcely be pointed out that unless this procedure is strictly unavoidable it should be discouraged on account of the waste of coagulant involved.
  • Distressful elements crept in by reason of our unavoidable furtiveness; we ignored them, hid them from each other, and attempted to hide them from ourselves.
  • Even if ideal conditions prevailed, one could not remove the unavoidable feeling of restraint and the sorrow of separation of men from their wives and families.
  • This being so, our plutocrats rank as nothing more or less than as so many unavoidable creations of a set of processes which must imperatively produce a certain set of results.
  • He left her this large share of his property as compensation for the unavoidable neglect he had shown her all her life, and also in sorrow for having ever confided her to the care of another.
  • For all the pains that my infirmities ever brought upon me were never half so grievous an affliction to me, as the unavoidable loss of my time, which they occasioned.
  • The unavoidable evils of this life, which are not brought upon us by our faults, are intended to serve as a foil to set off the blessedness of eternity.
  • Observations of the stars were, in like manner, uncertain, in consequence of the boisterous weather we had had, and the unavoidable agitation of the quicksilver.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unavoidable | Unavoidable Sentence

  • Those which are unavoidable are carefully defined.
  • The nursery-grown subject receives an unavoidable setback.
  • I was fetching you home, after unavoidable delay.
  • Because the inquest is unavoidable ... apparently.
  • It is unavoidable that some day she will remember myself.
  • I considered a shipwreck as an unavoidable event sooner or later in my future.

Definition of Unavoidable

Impossible to avoid; bound to happen. | (law) Not voidable; incapable of being made null or void. | Something that cannot be avoided.
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