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  • Here unavoidably descends on me.
  • In approaching she had unavoidably overheard part of the conversation.
  • Both these evils result unavoidably from keeping the two races together.

How To Use Unavoidably In A Sentence?

  • But it analyzes thought as it is in reality, and therefore it unavoidably searches for truth.
  • If one is unavoidably late, it is better to take a pew as near the door as possible.
  • The Austrian Attache was unavoidably absent, having left on a short visit to Capetown.
  • Is it that the great bulk of our people are unavoidably chained by their character and climate to gross and degrading enjoyments?
  • How liable must it be to take fire, and how much must unavoidably be spilt in consequence of such management!
  • But, of course, the point to be chiefly considered is the immense loss of revenue that must unavoidably ensue.
  • The Memoir and Critical Dissertation being unavoidably delayed, will be prefixed to Vol. II.
  • Hence his views in relation to the nature of moral good and evil, as well as in relation to their origin, became unavoidably dark and confused.
  • These were unavoidably connected with solitude and darkness, and were present to my fears when I entered this gloomy recess.
  • My breathing became difficult, and I saw that to remain here ten minutes would unavoidably produce suffocation.
  • A serious objection to the franking system is, that it unavoidably tends to constant strife and altercation between members of congress and the department.
  • A message has been received that the anatomical teacher is unavoidably detained at an important case in private practice, and cannot meet his class to day.
  • Most naturally and unavoidably as the new generation discerns the growing incompatibility of their stay in the section with its true welfare, unfriendliness comes and grows.
  • Word was received from Senator and Mrs. Crane that they had hoped to be present, but were unavoidably detained.
  • The captain immediately ordered the hatches to be nailed down on the slaves in the hold, where there were above twenty, all of whom must unavoidably have perished if he had been obeyed.
  • The killing of the dragon is unavoidably rather ridiculous; but the scene with the bird is fascinating by its naturalness and simplicity as well as its tenderness and sheer sweetness.
  • The perplexities of the government were unavoidably great and its control over men and measures, removed from the seat of its immediate influence, correspondingly small.
  • Now, Archie, 'phone up to your office that you're unavoidably detained and all the rest of it, like a good fellow, and take my place as cicerone.
  • The misery of Eliza would only be prolonged by adhering to these forms, and her fortune be needlessly diminished by the expenses unavoidably to be incurred.
  • In order to make the sides of the ships collapsible, certain seams were unavoidably left in the plates, where the detachable part joined the main structure.
  • It appears that on the arrival of the whalers in early spring, the ice prevented their usual communication with the settlement, therefore the letters on board of them were unavoidably carried northward.

Definition of Unavoidably

In an unavoidable manner.

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