Unbreakable In A Sentence

How To Use Unbreakable In A Sentence?

  • The determination to have her own way in this matter, as she had had in all other matters, became at once an unbreakable purpose in her.
  • The tie that knit them together was woven of impalpable strands, but it was unbreakable while he and his generation were above the earth.
  • She sang the Doxology, and after that, through unbreakable custom, the meeting was over and you had to go home.
  • I can do that without raising any constitutional issues by hiding my manuscript and never letting you see it or just by using unbreakable encryption on my digital products.
  • She paused and remembered Laura Macpherson, her shapely hands gripped together, emphasizing her unbreakable determination.
  • Breathing deeply and perspiring healthfully, he sat against the heat streaming into his side of the car, and forgot his troubles in his unbreakable good nature.
  • Each of the dozen swore the terrible, unbreakable oath of the Three Kings to be an obedient henchman to Roland.
  • A great number of people, regarding marriage as a mystical and, therefore, unbreakable sacrament, object to divorce under any circumstances whatever.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unbreakable | Unbreakable Sentence

  • There was something strong and unbreakable about this Joe.
  • A man, human and humane; devoid of fear, with an unbreakable will.
  • This is an unbreakable circle of false logic that can't be touched.

Definition of Unbreakable

difficult to break and therefore able to withstand rough usage | (of a horse) not able to be broken in | Something that cannot be broken.
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