Unburden In A Sentence

How To Use Unburden In A Sentence?

  • In fact, criminals love to unburden their minds to those who possess their confidence.
  • When we were smoking together, after dinner, he began to unburden himself of his mighty wrath.
  • Meanwhile, the Steyns proceeded to unburden their wagons and prepare for the night.
  • That evening I was strongly tempted to unburden my secret to Jack as we walked home.
  • Westenra, poor child, you are young and unaccustomed to these things, but I must unburden my mind.
  • There is a "Friend who sticketh closer than a brother," to whom I can unburden my heart.
  • Sometime, he thought, he might meet the boy face to face, and tell him all that his heart longed to unburden itself of.
  • You know my secret now, Hawthorne, and it has been truly a relief to me to unburden my mind to some one here.
  • And as Roger puffed at his cigarette in silence she became aware that he had something on his mind, and had come to unburden himself to her.
  • Several times Rudolph threw restive glances at his friend, as if he had something on his mind that he needed a helping hand to unburden himself of.
  • Here he is encouraged to unburden himself of the distress or perplexity which haunts him, and is given the kind of suggestive treatment which seems best adapted to his disorder.
  • The first time they were brought together was in the train; and evidently the Turkish authorities expected them to unburden themselves to each other.
  • It is the confession of a deeply unhappy man who could not master his personal tragedy of existence, and so sought to unburden his soul in writing down the things he felt and experienced.
  • He was singularly reticent upon this point, and feeling that perhaps the recollection of all he had suffered might be painful to him, the two men did not press him to unburden himself.
  • Before I unburden myself, however, I must make you understand the disadvantage I am labouring under.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unburden | Unburden Sentence

  • Let me unburden my soul.
  • Was this an invitation to her to unburden herself?
  • He was too anxious to stand on ceremony, too eager to unburden his mind.

Definition of Unburden

(transitive) To free from burden, or relieve from trouble.
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