Unclasp In A Sentence

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  • Her waxen hands clasp and unclasp again.
  • He endeavoured to unclasp her clinging arms, but she only clung the closer.
  • He swore furiously, and bent down to unclasp her fingers from his leg.
  • He put it on me the day we were married, and I promised to never unclasp it.

How To Use Unclasp In A Sentence?

  • With frantic efforts he strove to unclasp his pocket-book: but could not succeed.
  • Valverde, probably thinking he could show him to unclasp the volume, stepped nearer to him.
  • Ma Fewkes could not unclasp the hands; but she produced an effect just the same.
  • Dr. Mercer roused himself so far as to unclasp his hands and point with one finger at the speaker.
  • A virgin, new-unveiled, I stand alone; Aeons will pass, but none unclasp my zone.
  • We were cautioned not to unclasp our hands, lest we should lose them, and naturally we clung the closer to each other.
  • The awful figure held up a warning finger, and then began deliberately to unclasp the volume he held in his hands.
  • That the king was to take home and give her; but he was not to unclasp it, or the princess either, till she was all alone.
  • I see him now, as he set it down gently as any woman, trying, with lingering touch, to unclasp the grip of the baby hand upon his rough finger.
  • For Martin Leland, directing at him a piercing glance whose meaning was unmistakable, did not unclasp the hands behind his back.
  • In a moment Bob was by her side, and with his arm around her; and Molly rose to her feet with an ineffectual effort to unclasp his hands.
  • The bridegroom was no sooner left alone with his bride than he seated her in the easiest arm-chair, and began with affectionate zeal to untie her bonnet-strings and unclasp her mantle.

Definition of Unclasp

(transitive) to release the clasp from something | (intransitive) to become unfastened | (transitive) to separate from being clasped
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