Uncomfortable In A Sentence

How To Use Uncomfortable In A Sentence?

  • She felt a little uncomfortable and as if she were trespassing on their privacy.
  • An uncomfortable feeling of mingled cowardice and repugnance again overpowered me.
  • The admission made him if possible, more uncomfortable than he had been before.
  • He had the mean, uncomfortable feeling that people were peering at him from remote windows.
  • It put all my projects for social and political reconstruction upon a new uncomfortable footing.
  • Whether he would hold out in that uncomfortable position till Glogova remained to be seen.
  • A most useful kit, no doubt, but uncomfortable as a pillow, inconvenient as a writing-table.
  • These strangers with their indifferent stares made her more uncomfortable than she had ever been in her life.
  • He grew to completion and she continued to caress him and he felt a powerful but uncomfortable urge to invade her.
  • When a speaker prefaces his remarks with some such sentences as these, we know we are in for an uncomfortable time.
  • It was a startling question, an uncomfortable reflection that the first shot had not been accounted for.
  • It's too uncomfortable for him, with all the moving and packing going on around him.
  • It appears to me to have been the most uncomfortable day that ever was inflicted on poor mortals. . . .
  • They fell sleep and the blankets helped to keep some of the chill from them and they managed to get some sleep, though uncomfortable as it was.
  • Another wedding was in progress, so they sat down in the narrow, uncomfortable pews, waiting their turn.
  • Thus he sat for nearly an hour with an uncomfortable sensation that danger of some sort lurked near him, until he almost fell asleep.
  • At the foot of the hill the carriage was waiting, and the travellers took their places again, this time with an uncomfortable feeling.
  • The big fellow put his face in his hands and burst into tears, and the men before him sat confused and uncomfortable at his outburst of feeling.
  • I wanted to sneer at lovers and their ecstasies, and was uncomfortable until I found the effective sneer.
  • That was a very uncomfortable thought, and sent the blood tingling through Owen's veins.
  • True, there had been a few uncomfortable moments in the witness-box, but every one, including the judge, had been most kind.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Uncomfortable | Uncomfortable Sentence

  • It was an uncomfortable fancy.
  • Molly felt decidedly uncomfortable and out of it.
  • Her position was a most uncomfortable one.
  • He was probably the most uncomfortable man in the room.
  • Bill finally broke the uncomfortable silence.
  • He came in with a slightly shy, uncomfortable manner.
  • But they made Burckhardt uncomfortable all the same.
  • I was one of the Most uncomfortable dogs living.
  • At this uncomfortable juncture Edith Williams sailed up.
  • They seemed more uncomfortable even than when the rain was falling.
  • Yet out of her uncomfortable position she was yet to gain much.
  • A more uncomfortable place for a camp could hardly be imagined.
  • Eustace reddened and looked uncomfortable as the laugh went round.
  • Augustus, on the whole, was the least uncomfortable of the trio.
  • The most friendly must admit it dirty, uncomfortable and unpicturesque.
  • The only way to stop it was to make it uncomfortable for Jane.
  • The scene with Herbert had produced a very uncomfortable state of affairs.
  • The Ilkhani's face had a very uncomfortable expression.
  • That being so, I do not wish to maintain our present uncomfortable relations.

Definition of Uncomfortable

Not comfortable. | Experiencing discomfort. | Uneasy or anxious.
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