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How To Use Unconcerned In A Sentence?

  • When they came together again nothing could be more unconcerned than their manner.
  • She was as unconcerned over the killing as if she had ordered a rabid dog to be shot.
  • The latter are very tame, and walk about to graze in the most unconcerned manner.
  • And the effort he made to appear unconcerned when he saw me was perhaps the worst part of it.
  • He stood apparently unconcerned on the sluice, but in reality, listening intently.
  • And, curiously, as he fell, his mind was entirely unconcerned with his own fate.
  • I felt a sudden relief when I saw the same unconcerned expression that was habitual to him.
  • But it is his turn next, so, appearing as unconcerned as possible, he follows the doctor in.
  • In New York he had schooled himself to look unconcerned at the police he met on every corner.
  • And then she remarked in a perfectly level and unconcerned voice that sometimes she wished she was dead.
  • She brooded over herself, wondering what she was, and how she came to be so unconcerned with things that to other women seemed paramount.
  • The stars, even those which were most distant from the earth, were not unconcerned in the events which took place upon it.
  • He had a musical tenor voice, and he spoke rapidly and with an unconcerned change from subject to subject which might be set down to garrulity.
  • She stood, unconcerned at her nakedness, looking down at him he knew, the abyss between self and self widening.
  • He got up and joined Pomponianus and the rest of his company who were not unconcerned enough to think of going to bed.
  • She was very pleasantly unconcerned as yet, and only enjoying the morning and Preston and the trees and the sunshine.
  • She complied at once, in that easy, unconcerned manner which gave her a certain charm, and which in itself was the perfection of good-breeding.
  • I nudged Dick to show him that we had found our quarry, and we sat down beside them with as unconcerned an air as possible.
  • Then, as unconcerned as a taxi driver leaving his passengers at a city door, he drove away, leaving us alone.
  • Others work away at some menial task more or less connected with the Crucifixion, as unconcerned as cobblers humming over their last.
  • Mrs. Quest turned her face towards the wall and pretended to be reading a letter, and he tried to look as unconcerned as possible.
  • But the guide strode on unconcerned with his easy Hillman gait, neither deigning to glance back nor making any verbal comment.
  • His attempt to appear unconcerned was so grotesque a failure that, in spite of her unhappiness, May could not repress a smile.
  • The captain spoke in a manner as calm and unconcerned as if the children being left in this way was not a matter of the slightest consequence in the world.
  • The lanky, awkward figure wrapped in a hospital strait-jacket was horrible, and the smooth, unconcerned face was, somehow, worse.
  • They could not make any very open and public inquiries for it, as it was necessary that every thing which they did should be performed in a very unconcerned and careless manner.
  • Its protest will be an unconcerned example, its phrase will be a perfect sincerity of speech, its renunciation will be what it does, not what it abstains from doing.
  • But she felt as she sat so unconcerned that there was a crack in her boot unmended, and it seemed as if everyone could see it though under the solid table.
  • He was back again, in the night, on a dark, lone road, under the unconcerned stars, crying out to find God.
  • Putting his face near it, he perceived that the old lady and her daughters had seated themselves at a table with their work before them, endeavouring to look as unconcerned as possible.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unconcerned | Unconcerned Sentence

  • His unconcerned manner won fresh admiration for him.
  • Moxley seemed quite unconcerned about his prisoners.
  • To all appearance the most unconcerned man was the Hon.
  • But who is doing all this, and why do you seem so unconcerned about it?
  • In a couple of minutes he returned in the same unconcerned way.
  • Dancing tried to look unconcerned and seemed disposed to be friendly.
  • The telegram was brought in by a neat, unconcerned housemaid.
  • And yet, how unconcerned we go Upon the brink of death.
  • Gonzaga, all unconcerned in this, eyed Fortemani in expectation of his answer.
  • Fred's speech had been unconcerned enough until it had come to that last word.

Definition of Unconcerned

Indifferent and having no interest; aloof. | Not worried, anxious or apprehensive.
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