Unconvinced In A Sentence

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  • Mr. Welles considered this in unconvinced silence.
  • Mrs. Pettigrew wore an unconvinced aspect.
  • Furthermore it left him unconvinced that it truly belonged to her.
  • Don shook his head, unconvinced by his mother's argument.

How To Use Unconvinced In A Sentence?

  • Pinkey changed the subject as he did when he was unconvinced but he was in no mood for argument.
  • Downe murmured in an unconvinced tone that he thought he had seen it yesterday.
  • Dick, who was plainly unconvinced as many another had been of the justice of the arguments.
  • While they were yet unconvinced "when Low gets well" became a constant phrase on her tongue.
  • He threw a hasty unconvinced glance at Nancy, but bowed low as one used to gentle ways.
  • However unconvinced you may now be of the truth of what you hear, by and by you will be fully convinced of it.
  • She had touched him, but she had not convinced him, and as long as he was unconvinced he would be at her again in some other way.
  • From their countenances I could see that the spectators were still unconvinced of the presence of the man.
  • Here, as in earlier exhibitions, a majority of those who saw the apparatus in operation remained unconvinced of its ability to serve mankind.
  • I have had them come to me with voices that are obviously execrable and still remain unconvinced when I have told them what seemed to me the truth.
  • If the Knight was unconvinced by the arguments, he was no less astonished by the abilities of the Secretary.
  • When Meredith had looked unconvinced and injured, she had tried to soften the blow by cajoleries, in the use of which she was past-mistress.
  • A full year after the raid of Syrianus, he was still unconvinced of the Emperor's treachery.

Definition of Unconvinced

not convinced or lacking conviction | simple past tense and past participle of unconvince
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