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  • They look deuced uncouth and nasty.
  • If rough and uncouth go from you away.
  • But she is such an awkward, uncouth creature!
  • The walls are thick and the shapes are uncouth or clumsy.
  • Rough, uncouth fellows liked the term.
  • The framework cut the sky like some uncouth hieroglyph.
  • So far as I can understand them, they are uncouth enough.
  • A large, uncouth specimen is shown in Fig.
  • Mr. Crane spluttered, and made uncouth sounds of rage.
  • They were not only uncouth and uncomely, but they were dirty.
  • Even from the lips of this uncouth woman the truth struck hard.
  • He watched her closely as she moved amongst her uncouth surroundings.
  • To the uncouth music of her labour her broad back rose and bent rhythmically.
  • Now she was, in the uncouth vernacular of the country, up against it for fair!
  • They are uncouth figures, with vague legends and miscellaneous attributes.
  • She wondered whether this uncouth plant would bear anything but music.
  • Foreboding peril, the people nearest the uncouth visitor had drawn away.
  • Reading these great, uncouth letters in his mind, he groaned aloud.
  • This is a high, narrow building, so uncouth that it causes a smile.
  • The room was dim and silent, and the furniture took uncouth shapes around him.
  • Such was the uncouth place where the Breeds proposed to hold their orgie.
  • The food was coarse and monotonous; the men rough, and uncouth in their ways.
  • Nor, to her modest eye, did the young man seem uncouth or wanting in address.
  • Considering the rifles and our uncouth appearance, Hassan took heart of grace.

How To Use Uncouth In A Sentence?

  • Yet there was nothing uncouth about her in her elderly ease of dress and manner.
  • But his affection took the rather uncouth form of expostulating with her about her work.
  • I am afraid she thinks a great deal of that uncouth fellow who has been arrested.
  • The sight of these things filled the boy with a respect for the uncouth fellow.
  • To the ears of strangers who know nothing about it the sound is often uncouth and barbarous.
  • Taken in the figure alone, he was uncouth and oversized in his common and scant gear.
  • His arguments are powerful and well marshalled, but his speech is uncouth and disagreeable.
  • The most uncouth man fails not in tact of gentility, when he gives any service to ladies.
  • Some of our finest are even more uncouth with their consonants than good friend Davenant.
  • After some uncouth romping and unrefined jokes the escort returned to the Hattingh camp.
  • The Grecians hid themselves in the remote parts of the cave at sight of the uncouth monster.
  • Russian cottons and Austrian lamps and mirrors repeat themselves down the long uncouth alley.
  • And I refer to it as uncouth merely because its understanding is beset with so many difficulties.
  • Her child, flesh of her flesh, meeting in this uncouth place the revelation of the black gulf!
  • Even these blacks, uncouth and savage, had their laws, and rendered obedience to their old king.

Definition of Uncouth

(archaic) Unfamiliar, strange, foreign. | Clumsy, awkward. | Unrefined, crude.
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