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  • They were a distinct and undeniable danger.
  • An undeniable shadow was stealing over the sun.
  • I have proofs now, undeniable proofs.
  • An undeniable snore! and it emanates from Jacky!
  • Such, howbeit, is the undeniable fact. . . .
  • Her fascination was as undeniable as her insincerity of purpose.
  • With an undeniable shock of regret he realized that the interview was over.
  • At the same time, he felt an undeniable thrill of pride at having beaten him.
  • There had been an undeniable dash and daring to that stranger....
  • Yes, stubborn undeniable facts, that none but a knave or a fool will gainsay.
  • There are some queer customs, the undeniable relics of paganism, in Spain.
  • It is undeniable that Swift wrote pamphlets for the Tory Party of his day.

How To Use Undeniable In A Sentence?

  • From his earliest years he had taken him for granted, as a most undeniable and lovable fact.
  • The phrase was definite enough for its purpose, and struck home with an undeniable truth.
  • So that great sportsman, owner of thoroughbreds and undeniable shot, was in this very house!
  • As this was all undeniable truth, I threw a melancholy look at the burden and passed on.
  • Indeed, this is undeniable in the latter case, for Time is ever friendly to gardens.
  • Yet there was an undeniable air of innocence and youth in her narrow shoulders as she slowly rocked.
  • That we have it in our power to determine our physical and bodily conditions to a far greater extent than we do is an undeniable fact.
  • But these undeniable facts do not interfere with two other facts, equally undeniable and much more important.
  • Doubtless, it is undeniable that we moderns have far more sensibility to the phenomena and visual glories of this world which we inhabit.
  • Nevertheless and though she had answered me in a tone of undeniable candour, the incident left me uneasy and suspicious.
  • All frauds would be forgiven in an hour of plausible success, or even in a moment of undeniable preparation.
  • Nevertheless, it was undeniable that the latter were aggrieved, and that their attitude might produce unfortunate effects.
  • It is stubborn, knowing its own undeniable being, sure of the absolute reality of the sensuous experience.
  • We need not claim greater prophetic ability, but have only to make the undeniable assertion that hindsight is better than foresight.
  • Your letters always make me glad to see them, but this time the pleasure was tempered by an undeniable pain in the conscience.
  • I resigned, not without a faint but undeniable tremor of relief, the part of a principal in the play.
  • For normal adult men mild doses have through their power to relieve the inhibitions undeniable value for the sound development of the community.
  • Its slang speaks for itself, and certainly carries along with it an undeniable "certificate of origin".
  • They stood in the shadow of some trees, and watched the object as it increased in size and gradually assumed the undeniable outline of a boat.
  • I preferred sitting and pondering over the cloud that seemed slowly to rise from the sea, assuming definite and undeniable appearances of land.
  • Doubtless it is undeniable that a man may arm his hand with a sword: and that his flesh will be found penetrable to the sword, happy or not.
  • Jeb felt an undeniable interest in the uniforms and rifles, looking forward to them very much as a condemned man might view a gallows.
  • Consequently, above a certain plane, monogamy, which has undeniable primitive uses, ceases to exist.
  • Its form is a case of the theory: the book is an undeniable duodecimo, but the size of its paper gives it the look of not the smallest of octavos.
  • What of so many undeniable realities which this Perugino of ours, even if the purest myth, so completely typifies?
  • And then they begin to find that the longer they drink, the better it tasts; which is an undeniable sign that it is pure good Wine.
  • And it is undeniable that they contribute more to the resources of the commonwealth by wielding a trowel or a broom than by messing about with brushes and paint.
  • Those who cannot rest on their own real merits and accept the blame for their undeniable demerits must not dare to challenge the judgment of the world.

Definition of Undeniable

irrefutable, or impossible to deny
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