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  • Meanwhile the theatre itself was under construction.
  • Still under construction were offices and barracks.
  • The line was still under construction in 1914.
  • The house under construction (being constructed).
  • He was all there was when a district was not under construction.
  • Beneath the hut were several unfinished paddles and a canoe under construction.
  • All war vessels under construction, including submarines, must be broken up.
  • On November 11 these two yards had seventy-two submarines under construction.
  • On site of the George Mason Square complex, now under construction.
  • The "Atom I" under Construction 74

How To Use Under Construction In A Sentence?

  • The road under construction was being pushed straight through the heart of the big timber.
  • Moreover, a distinct factor in the growth of New York was not only planned but under construction.
  • Germany was known to possess eleven rigid airships, and was believed to have others under construction.
  • It was here that every one began to despair of the line when it was under construction, because there seemed to be no outlet.
  • The one under construction seemed to be of cruciform design, like an old-fashioned pre-contragravity winged airplane.
  • And only about 85 miles of railway have as yet been opened, although it must be said that 200 or 250 miles more are under construction.
  • All warships, including submarines, under construction shall be broken up and may be used only for industrial purposes.
  • Two of these ships were under construction, and one was to be presented and one sold to the German government.
  • Howitzers and Bomb-throwers of large calibre are under construction, designed to throw similar depth charges to distances of about 2,000 yards.
  • But an intelligent application of science and investment of capital when a house is under construction could easily effect still further improvements.
  • Sixteen cantonments, small cities in themselves, were already under construction in various parts of the country for the reception of the drafted men.
  • The Nitrate Division has under construction two plants for the manufacture of powder, costing $45,000,000 each.
  • The actual crossing practically lies in the apex of a triangle, the two sides of which are formed by a railway embankment under construction and a bush-grown donga.
  • Suspending their audacious patrolling before the galleries under construction, these spoilers of the victualled cells alight for an instant on a camomile-flower and lo, the thief is robbed!
  • While this improvement was under construction, other boys built a new wood shed, obtained in the timber and prepared the supplies of fuel, and built 170 rods of new fence.
  • I think that they had some inkling a few weeks before the tanks' appearance that something of the sort was under construction.
  • The road will not be open to the public until the completion of two bridges over the Umpqua, which are now under construction and which are expected to be completed about January 1, 1919.
  • It has acquired a total of 2,475,219 square feet of storage space, has 2,701,880 square feet more under construction, and requires 23,000,000 square feet altogether to store its supplies.
  • But the Russian road, now under construction, will soon change the rough ride into a fairly comfortable carriage-drive, with well-provided post-houses for food and rest.
  • Waste lands along the Delaware overgrown with weeds were transformed within a year into a shipyard with twenty-eight ways, a ship under construction on each one, with a record of fourteen ships already launched.
  • These were the cities that were conceived and under construction since the great destruction of two Japanese cities during the period called World War II.
  • For the Alsea River Crossing a 264 foot bridge has been designed and is now under construction by Curtis Gardner, Bridge Contractor.
  • The "Historic Triangle complex," created by the City, is being replaced by the Independence Square Complex, now under construction.
  • A Federal Aid Forest Road Project is now under construction between Hebo and Dolph in Tillamook County.
  • I have already mentioned the Russian road now under construction from the Caspian Sea base to Kasvin, with the object of enabling Russian trade to command more thoroughly the Tehran market.
  • Portions of it were discovered in 1780, on St. John's Common, when the Brighton turnpike road through that place was under construction.
  • A railway is also under construction from Lobito Bay on the Atlantic to the Katanga copper areas, already reached from the south and east by the railways from Cape Town and Beira.
  • Boldly commencing operations, the sight of the work going on soon brought the ferryman over to investigate, and when he saw the map under construction he fell headlong into the scheme, which would, as they assured him, necessitate a steam ferry.
  • The first and most obvious move was to buy out the Canada Central, extending from Ottawa through Carleton Place to Pembroke, and under construction westward to Callender on Lake Nipissing.
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