Under Way In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Under Way | Under Way Sentence

  • Everything is under way.
  • In an hour we were under way.
  • They had heard that it was under way.
  • The cruiser was under way.
  • The ship was once more under way.
  • Everything getting under way again!
  • Already the preparations for lunch were under way.
  • The dance was well under way.
  • The story should have been well under way by then.
  • The work was now fairly under way.
  • Once more our cavalcade got under way.
  • We were under way when the stars paled.
  • We shall soon be under way again.
  • The expedition was soon under way.
  • And we are already well under way.
  • But before this the movement was well under way.
  • Dave got the hydroplane under way again.
  • At last the expedition was under way.
  • Already the huge battleship was under way again.
  • It was high time for me to get under way.
  • The rude craft was soon under way.
  • And clear the guns and get under way.
  • By a mighty exercise of will we got under way again.
  • It will mean trouble if it gets under way.
  • I must get under way immediately.
  • They really got under way with the dictators.
  • Once fairly under way there was nothing to stop it.
  • Got under way yesterday about three in the afternoon.
  • The catboats were already getting under way.
  • I am looking forward to getting under way.
  • Late in the afternoon he was again able to get under way.
  • But this little book was already under way.
  • Fire was speedily kindled and breakfast gotten under way.
  • Night had set in before the brigade got fairly under way.
  • In ten minutes of whispering the columns are under way.

How To Use Under Way In A Sentence?

  • It was two days before the trial was well under way.
  • Then slowly he got under way and rolled through the door.
  • I must cast off and let you get under way.
  • The ship would never get under way again.
  • Our second enclosure movement is well under way.
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