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  • Possibly the undergraduate of fiction and the drama may have been once a living reality.
  • The virtuous undergraduate wore trousers too short for him and supported his relations.
  • The latter may be divided again into undergraduate schools and graduate schools.
  • It has never been my pleasure to read any undergraduate work of greater promise.
  • He had a sudden sense as he spoke that he was talking as if to an undergraduate in friendly irony.
  • He had decided that undergraduate life, freed from undergraduate restrictions, was a good thing.
  • It is a lamentable fact, that an Oxford undergraduate does not invariably look the gentleman.
  • These are the unfailing signs of the second-rate undergraduate who wishes to be taken for a sporting character.
  • When I was an undergraduate at Oxford I read Plato because I was made to read it.
  • The atmospheric quality of a college is determined largely by the character and traditions of undergraduate life.
  • He's going to make himself felt in his class and in the entire undergraduate body.
  • I believe it is not too bold to say that they represent the highest level of undergraduate thinking and speaking.
  • Its initiation occurs always in the spring, when the blood of an undergraduate is hottest against restraint.
  • Oxford tradesmen have learnt by bitter experience that the modern undergraduate is not an exclusive preserve for them like his father.
  • The tutor who complained to the undergraduate that he had sixteen pupils was met by the just retort that the undergraduate had sixteen tutors.
  • For politics he cared not a jot, but he could drive tandem better than any other undergraduate of his year.
  • The undergraduate and the ordinary don has seen some part just now and then, when some enthusiastic guests have had to be taken round the sights.
  • Undergraduate popularity is often illusive and unstable, but undergraduate perception of incompetency is often very keen and discriminating.
  • Well, let the idle undergraduate make the most of his time now; it is not likely that he will be able to loaf in after-life.
  • On all questions of athletics, especially, an undergraduate is apt to have freshly in mind a considerable mass of facts.
  • It is the grim tragedy of a flirtatious daughter of an impoverished country parson who gets "let down" by an undergraduate and drowns herself.
  • And at the time of Page's undergraduate life it possessed at least one great teacher.
  • Should it be Sunday the undergraduate may hope (often in vain) to be asked to breakfast by some man in lodgings.
  • In his vacations he visited France and Italy, and made some tours nearer home with undergraduate friends.
  • If mature theologians have reconciled this with their consciences in the nineteenth, what may not have been possible to an undergraduate in the eighteenth century?
  • A gong was struck; an undergraduate came up and scrambled through a Latin Grace from a board which he held in his hand.
  • The aim is to give such a firm mold to the ideals of the undergraduate that they shall for all time shape his activities to the end of righteous conduct in all international dealings.
  • He forgets that what appeals to an undergraduate public may be Greek to the outside reader and, unfortunately, not compulsory Greek.
  • This house was taken by a Mrs. Drew, in order that she might be near her son, who was an undergraduate of one of the colleges.
  • Some summer Sunday, perhaps, we wandered here, in undergraduate days, to see a friend; and from that hour the charm was at work.
  • Here some thirty-six or seven years ago an undergraduate went, full of expectation, to hear Dr. Pusey preach.
  • This was an undergraduate skit by Freneau on his college mate Robert Archibald, of the Class of 1772.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Undergraduate | Undergraduate Sentence

  • Those undergraduate talks!
  • The undergraduate smiled and nodded.
  • The undergraduate fell a little back.
  • In many ways he was the life of the undergraduate body.
  • But in her case, it was no mere undergraduate success.
  • Tutors, 9. Undergraduate life, modern, 162, 163.
  • Richards, an undergraduate of Exeter, was a man of splendid physique.
  • For Mr. Gladstone I had the ordinary undergraduate detestation.

Definition of Undergraduate

Of, relating to, or being an undergraduate. | A student at a university who has not yet received a degree.
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