Underground In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Underground | Underground Sentence

  • The underground world.
  • He is the ruler of the underground kingdom.
  • The underground rail road.
  • You have schemed them in an underground way.
  • There was no underground railroads through this area.
  • The underground storage bins.
  • His mind was full of his underground passages.
  • The underground railroad from slavery to freedom.
  • What does an underground board look like?
  • For all tours on the underground are personally conducted.
  • Cellar kitchens and underground shops should be avoided.
  • An underground passage runs round the whole.
  • No woman may work underground in a mine.
  • Thou might give me the job as underground viewer.
  • No female may work underground in a mine.
  • Eh, they are coming up from underground like ants.
  • In many places it forms into underground streams or lakes.
  • The Underground knows?
  • As a political force, the digital underground is hamstrung.
  • It's an underground river and we can't go any further!
  • The underground railroad in Connecticut.
  • An underground temple in Egypt.
  • Gus and Jake had descended into the underground vault.
  • Peace now became the underground Germanic programme.
  • With an extreme effort I burned my underground books.
  • The underground room was damp and musty, and Dick shivered.
  • The Underground Railroad did not run through this county.
  • International Computer Underground Bandits.
  • OVER as sympathizers for the digital underground elite.
  • It was used in some instances to locate other underground deposits.
  • There the slave does not labor underground and out of the sun so dear to him.
  • The rivers for considerable distances have underground courses.
  • The hackers of the digital underground are an hermetic elite.
  • There have been underground boards almost as long as there have been boards.

How To Use Underground In A Sentence?

  • But he could not tell her how he had come to the underground passage.
  • It was part of an underground system for which the town was famous.
  • He ran through and climbed down the hole into the underground forest.
  • It was in the underground that he made his first important find.
  • He was looking down into an underground crypt flooded with brilliant light.

Definition of Underground

(not comparable) Below the ground; below the surface of the Earth. | (figuratively) Hidden, furtive, secretive. | (Of music, art &c.) Outside the mainstream, especially unofficial and hidden from the authorities.
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