Underlying In A Sentence

Definition of Underlying

lying underneath | basic or fundamental | implicit

How To Use Underlying In A Sentence?

  • This is the musical expression of the principal passion underlying the action of the drama.
  • This underlying enmity between neighboring peoples is not something rare in the world.
  • The call to arms is but another signal of the defeat of the underlying principles of civilization.
  • Here again, the underlying sentiment is the abhorrence of human recklessness and extravagance.
  • There is one underlying requisite of successful agricultural education that is all-important.
  • He had not yet come to the full knowledge of the wrong principles underlying that mode of life.
  • Hers is the tonic gift of a strength that, underlying all life, does not pity or praise.
  • The fundamental principle then underlying British policy was no longer one of unqualified hatred.
  • Secondly, the fundamental principle underlying the Germanic attitude is again exposed, viz.
  • But underlying their laughter was a consciousness in each that day of a thing uniting them which had not been there before.
  • Scarcely any details are preserved of the underlying methods and circumstances by which these fortunes were amassed.
  • Section through cambium and underlying wood in a crotch of an apple tree where the grain of the wood is not straight.
  • The book also contains a few principles underlying the dramatization of stories for young children.
  • The tone of regret suggests an underlying consciousness of the hopeless ignorance inevitable under the conditions of their narrow lot.
  • In both cases the underlying motive was a wish to protect that part of their currency system which was threatened by bimetallic law.
  • The only truth for mind is the substantial and underlying essence, and not the trivialities of external existence and contingency.
  • For the religious principles underlying the theses they cared little, for the arguments sustaining them still less.
  • There was a warning note underlying the quaint, dry quizzical tone which was not lost upon the hearer.
  • Rather tender and elegiac than vigorous, the deep sadness underlying the most sparkling forms of his work is most notable.
  • Force, then, is the external or phenomenal commencement of states, not their underlying and essential principle.
  • As a result, everyone is invited to change the underlying code and the software can evolve with the benefit of a multiplicity of points of view.
  • More than once an underlying vein of sarcasm was observed in the very pertinent remarks of which Jane was so happily delivered.
  • The period was one in which, during times of trial and misfortune, the presence of an underlying religious sentiment became unmistakable.
  • A harmony contains necessarily two opposite principles which, in spite of their opposition, reveal an underlying unity.
  • Perhaps the one great underlying social difficulty among American farmers is their comparatively isolated mode of life.
  • And yet, underlying a certain irrepressible nausea, came the reflection that, after all, her purpose had been to save his life.
  • He dealt rather with the formal arguments which were used to refuse progress, than with the underlying spirit which prompted the opposition(101).
  • People cannot expect to be able to understand and edit the code underlying any system until they have taken the time and spent the necessary energy to penetrate it.
  • By the habituation of custom we can establish lives in attitudes of everyday thoughtfulness for others, in the underlying consideration of others which is the basis of all courtesy.
  • He will learn not only the action of bacteria in milk fermentation, but the underlying causes of the social ferment among the farmers of the last thirty years.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Underlying | Underlying Sentence

  • She felt the resentment underlying it.
  • The underlying cause is plain enough.
  • There is also an underlying meanness, secretive, cruel.
  • The Authority Underlying all Law. 4.
  • The underlying substratum which supports the qualities cannot be perceived.
  • The underlying sense of the question was clearer than its form.
  • The underlying causes of this crisis have been already described.
  • The underlying conception of the universe is that held by most early peoples.
  • The underlying premise is still dependent on the notion of progress.
  • History shows that we must accept hatred as an underlying cause of war.

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