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  • Metasternum: the underside or breast of the metathorax.
  • Mesosternum: the underside or breast of the meta-thorax.
  • The seaplane had only just scraped the underside of her antagonist.
  • The underside of the body and legs are chestnut colored.
  • He has the long body of a shark and the underside gill openings of a ray.
  • Capsized, its vulnerable underside exposed, the beetle was all but helpless.
  • I've bumped into so much of the underside that I can't see clean any more.

How To Use Underside In A Sentence?

  • Three tremendous thumps upon the underside of the table gave affirmative answer.
  • The belly and underside of the tail were yellowish tan with dark brown spots laterally.
  • Lug-sail after lugsail, brown as the underside of a mushroom, hurries out among the waves.
  • Mesostethium: the middle piece of the underside of meta-thorax, between the middle and hind legs.
  • In utter darkness Billy found himself on the underside of the overturned machine.
  • Post-gula: is situated at the extreme base of the underside of the head in Dermaptera.
  • Collophore: the sucker-like organ extended from the underside of the abdomen in Collembola.
  • The underside of the stone is flat, mightily broad, finely cut, smooth and even as a floor.
  • It was he that recognized a little colony of cocoons on the underside of leaves and twigs and called attention to them.
  • A couple of times someone would come back and land with telephone wire or fencing caught on the underside of the plane.
  • Here, for instance, growing on the underside of fissures in this cliff, you will perceive a yellow moss.
  • Conn leaned back and looked at the underside view in a screen on the roof of the car, as his father started the lift-engine.
  • The underside had evidently healed over nicely without corns, for they were the most amiable and smiling people you would find in the whole show.
  • Tarsal lobes: membranous appendages arising from the underside of the tarsal joints in some Coleoptera.
  • In life the dorsum was dull brown; the chin was cream; the belly was yellow, and the underside of the tail was orange.
  • Yet it was so close that I doubt whether there was anything to spare between the tip of one of his planes and the underside of the rear gondola.
  • The concave underside of the silvery "hand" was smooth except for a central area where what looked like two little rollers came through.
  • Coxal stylets: short, leg-like, jointed appendages on the underside of the abdominal segments in Thysanura.
  • The only practical way to reach him was by lowering a rope from a trap-door on the underside of the chassis midway between the two hawse-pipes in the bows.
  • Seven seconds after the first had left the dropping apparatus a lurid flash threw the underside of the enormous envelope into an expanse of reflected light.
  • One blow from the underside of the float upon those delicately adjusted projections with which the mine simply bristled would result in utter annihilation.
  • The roof of the tunnel was the underside of the large bowlder mentioned, and the stick lintel was of no use except to show that no fire could have been built under it.
  • Their cause was determined by the finding of a heavy score on the underside of the segment or the discovery of the tool wedged in the tail of the shield or lying under the broken plate when it was removed.
  • Between three and four hundred of them plastered their nests on the underside of the big limbs, about half way up the tree, where the bark was rough.
  • He fought his way to the ladder and climbed up into the night, sometimes clinging like a fly to the underside of the reeling wall, sometimes going up a steep slant.

Definition of Underside

The side that is below or underneath, the bottom.
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