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  • That the undertaking failed.
  • In undertaking this task we had a twofold motive.
  • What hast thou to do with undertaking so great a matter?
  • It was, indeed, a night fit for the undertaking at hand.
  • But marriage is not the only lofty undertaking attended by petty miseries.
  • With the failure of that undertaking came the crusade against the act of 1873.
  • This undertaking made the astounding net profit of 800,000 dollars.
  • We prayed to God to bless our undertaking and parted with glad hearts.
  • Our Colonel leading as desperate an undertaking as that, and we looking on!
  • I thought at first that I was undertaking a monstrous uphill task.

How To Use Undertaking In A Sentence?

  • The crux of the whole undertaking lies in the correctness and adequacy of the translations.
  • I dreamt not of making even the vaguest plans for undertaking explorations myself.
  • An undertaking that no passenger ships shall in future be sunk without preliminary warning.
  • We are not undertaking to dictate to the German people what sort of government they should have.
  • The tremendous undertaking they had in view would, very likely, occupy all their spare moments.
  • San Martin was by far too shrewd a man to advocate such an undertaking before maturing his plans.
  • I knew I was undertaking no easy task, and those who charged me with frivolity never knew me.
  • This part of the undertaking was to be entrusted to Stephan, the Hottentot driver.
  • By this undertaking we must abide, unless we wish to go to war with the United States of America.
  • The proposed undertaking was one which was very close to his heart and one which he had constantly urged.
  • Perhaps the most stupendous undertaking in agricultural education is the adequate development of secondary education in agriculture.
  • One was the practise of helping forward every undertaking by a deluge of ardent spirit in some of its multifarious mistifications.
  • The adventure was so serious that each girl felt rather doubtful about undertaking it, and shook her head.
  • Two considerations have made that undertaking a matter of considerable difficulty, either of them sufficiently weighty.
  • They claimed that they had enlisted in the undertaking with the connivance of the government at Washington.
  • During his last hours he fervently exhorted all to persevere in the undertaking that had been begun, promising them a happy result.
  • Consequently, detailed discussions took place as to whether such an undertaking should be entered upon in the full light of publicity.
  • This part of the undertaking did not trouble the governor, but his heart beat a trifle faster than usual whenever he thought of the provisions.
  • But the effort necessary to the undertaking and the agony of the long waiting had exhausted her nervous force, and she had none left for fortitude.
  • So arduous an undertaking was not abandoned through fear of its danger, because those beginnings were, in the general mind, unfortunate.
  • Upon the receipt of the information that the undertaking had been a success, the bonds were prepared, and the Hon.
  • The undertaking was eventually closed down after making considerable profits for the Imperial Treasury.
  • A most difficult undertaking was offered to the zeal and loyalty of the first Recollects who entered Bohol.
  • Since, then, his partner in the undertaking had been foolish, Davenant felt the necessity on his side of being doubly discreet.
  • Dr. Baker is so good to me, and is undertaking my affairs himself as I really cannot care about them now.
  • The truth is that I was entering into our nefarious undertaking with an involuntary zeal of which I was myself quite unconscious at the time.
  • We are not undertaking to punish Germany, greatly as we believe the present government of Germany needs punishing.
  • It was my intention to make a still more condensed series of notes on the paper I had by me, whenever I should feel like undertaking the task.
  • His hunger for life still unabated, he summons up all his energy and orders out an army of workmen to complete a great undertaking on which he has set his heart.
  • No business man will engage in an undertaking where the returns are so long deferred and the risks are uninsurable unless he can estimate the probable expenses and a reasonably large profit.

Definition of Undertaking

present participle of undertake | The business of an undertaker, or the management of funerals. | A promise or pledge; a guarantee.
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