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How To Use Undervalued In A Sentence?

  • Sleep is one of the most delightful and undervalued amusements known to the human race.
  • Now, moral content has been undervalued and neglected because of its separation from the other meaning.
  • He was much annoyed at one newspaper which said that if he undervalued non-dutiable things, how about those that carried a high impost?
  • If he thought to finish the matter thus, he much undervalued the ingenuity and persistency of the young Portia who was now conducting the case.
  • Caldecott owed much to Manchester, as he often said, and he never forgot or undervalued the good of his early training.
  • He mingled in society unknowing of his superiority over his companions, not because he undervalued himself but because he did not perceive the inferiority of others.
  • Landor is strangely undervalued in England; usually ignored; and sometimes savagely attacked in the Reviews.
  • She found that not only had she undervalued his significance and importance in her scheme of things; but that she entertained a personal regard for the man, unsuspected until he was absent.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Undervalued | Undervalued Sentence

  • The event, however, proved that they had undervalued their antagonists.

Definition of Undervalued

Assigned an in appropriately low value. | simple past tense and past participle of undervalue
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