Underwater In A Sentence

How To Use Underwater In A Sentence?

  • The day will come when some invention will be brought to attack underwater craft successfully.
  • Otters den in the river or lake bank and provide an underwater entrance to their home.
  • He got into his harness, then picked up his movie camera in its underwater case.
  • It dragged along the bottom briefly, then caught in a cleft between two underwater rocks.
  • There was only just time to rescue her crew before she too added herself to the underwater barricade.
  • Rick went to the bottom and moved along, doing underwater acrobatics and touching a rock here and there.
  • The raucous noise of the bar had faded into an underwater murmur around him, lost somewhere where he could not see.
  • Possibly there are underwater connections between some ponds and the headwater streams of the Rio Mesquites.
  • Then the beavers tunnel their two runways into the centre of the mass from an underwater level on the outside to an over-water level on the inside of the mound.
  • I stayed there a few days, but found that almost all the ground in the vicinity not underwater was cultivated, and that the only forest was in swamps which were now inaccessible.
  • One of the most impressive lessons of this vast war is the vulnerability of sea-power and sea communications through the development of underwater transport, and the immense importance of railway communication.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Underwater | Underwater Sentence

  • Thus the idea of underwater signaling was born.
  • It whirls around underwater and pushes the boat ahead.
  • And here we find some details of underwater life which are modern.
  • He kept the northeasterly heading at maximum underwater speed.
  • Again those two underwater craft, so oddly contrasted, were face to face.

Definition of Underwater

(not comparable) beneath the surface of the water, or of or pertaining to the region beneath the water surface | (nautical) beneath the water line of a vessel | (figuratively) Under water.
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Underwater in a sentence

Underwater sentence

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