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  • I thank you for your undeserved kindness.
  • I hardly knew how to accept this undeserved praise.
  • Only luck, undeserved luck, has saved us from the rope.
  • Genuine undeserved Ruin seldom knocks at my door.
  • He resented this undeserved punishment by plunging sideways across the road.
  • I may never fall so low as to forget the undeserved mercy of this hour.
  • Mr. Armstrong felt the reproach in the undeserved confidence.

How To Use Undeserved In A Sentence?

  • There is too little praising and blessing for the many undeserved mercies that we have.
  • The play thus becomes a tragedy of moral self-conquest in the presence of an undeserved death.
  • Hicks, as a man of few words, which gave him an undeserved reputation for wisdom.
  • I do not mean to throw any undeserved blame upon the quartermasters and commissaries at Siboney.
  • His design was, it will be said, to shield himself from censure, or to procure undeserved praise.
  • But at least I have been humbly thankful for the undeserved blessing, and known its value.
  • I love you, my Lord; and my love is vexed at the undeserved suspicion which you have conceived.
  • This thankless man his death will soon remove, And quickly end so undeserved a love.
  • All the bitterness of undeserved defeat stung his soul as he started down the incline into the hollow.
  • They discourage all these counterfeits, which they say are paying a most undeserved compliment to us.
  • The mistress became unreasonable and threatened, and the child really began to tremble for fear of undeserved chastisement.
  • And how brave you look," said she, with many more pretty and undeserved compliments.
  • With the encouragement which could be given the owner without any undeserved concession, conditions would warrant him in securing it.
  • As a rule, until they are old men and women, they do not forget the undeserved blow, the unprovoked sarcasm.
  • Nevertheless, his truest servant, the man upon whom he bestowed unlimited confidence, now languishes in undeserved chains.
  • This latter was so essentially undeserved and so artlessly insincere, that he must needs, of course, treat it with all seriousness.
  • Agatha by such an undeserved name, since the good, fat priest had the glaring fault of stinginess which all the country knew but never mentioned.
  • They would be priceless to-day, and yet the former commercial, vulgar use of the name leaves it in undeserved disrepute.
  • Better, he thought, to be the recipient of a painful and undeserved ultimatum, than to breakfast, lunch, and dine with uncertainty.
  • She felt the rebuke in his words, knew within herself how undeserved it was, and, rather than confess the truth, arose in her own defence.
  • How frivolous and daintily young they looked, even in their dusty and (Barrie was furiously sure) undeserved disgrace!
  • Whatever mercies or blessings we may receive at the hands of Divine Benificence, are unmerited; undeserved on our part.
  • No more innocent claimant to royalty, nor more undeserved a victim, than was Caspar Hauser, is told of in history.
  • My face still burned with the undeserved shame of the cross-eyed Q.C.'s unspeakable suggestions.
  • But doses in the old days were anything but homeopathic, and overdoses of mercury did so much damage that for a time the drug fell into undeserved disfavor.
  • He is in every respect an excellent soldier and a most popular man; and there is a general feeling that his being thus passed over is a most undeserved slight, to put it in the mildest form.
  • They were a poor, pushing sort, forever exposing themselves to the slights arising from their own undesirability, which they forever tearfully attributed to an undeserved and paraded poverty.
  • He was always angry, chiefly because she had to suffer so, after the hideousness of her undeserved destiny, and yet he saw no way to help that might not make a greater hardship for her.
  • He undertook the Herculean task of rescuing at this time this estate from threatened ruin, and of vindicating the good name of his father from undeserved censure.

Definition of Undeserved

Not deserved, earned or merited; unjustifiable or unfair.
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