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  • And now the question, left undetermined some hundred pages back (Chap. II.

How To Use Undetermined In A Sentence?

  • He seems, however, undetermined as to style; for his pictures are here very unequal.
  • The space to which they refer is completely undetermined and so is the measurement of the lapse of time.
  • The cost of procuring such a tract of land is as yet undetermined and can not be reckoned in the following tables.
  • Whether he had died from suffering and exhaustion, from apoplexy or from poison, is an undetermined question.
  • She was already faint and almost sick, and whether she could live till morning or not was an undetermined question in her mind.
  • I, meanwhile, with many a wild and undetermined fantasy was narrowly inspecting these two doves that had flown into our ark.
  • Poreo seemed, however, at first undetermined whether he should go or stay; but he soon inclined to the former.
  • Winston turned aside and entered the gloomy hotel office, feeling mentally unsettled, undetermined in regard to his future conduct.
  • It seems that in the days when northwestern Prussia was undetermined whether it should be sea or land it was flooded annually by sea-water.
  • We are thus able to pass from any particular redundant generating function to one equivalent to it, but involving n - 1 undetermined quantities.
  • Persian walnuts in the Western States in recent years have been dying from a disease of undetermined cause.
  • Dying of Persian walnuts from a root disease of undetermined cause has been reported from various European countries for many years.
  • Being somewhat weary, as well as undetermined in what manner next to proceed, I seated myself on a grassy bank beside the road.
  • This period, therefore, becomes a variable and an undetermined one, and even when known, its observation demands a large amount of self-control.
  • But the difficulty of accurate firing from a flying platform at an object moving with unknown speed on an undetermined course was found to be very great.
  • He in reality liked them both extremely; and the reason of making no declaration of love was, his being so undetermined in any preference that was due to either.
  • He never leaves the method undetermined till he has his iron on the anvil, but takes pains to have everything settled and every phase of the operation well in view before he begins it.
  • For an instant they both stood as still as two wood-creatures surprisingly met and, so far, undetermined upon the degree of hostility it would be wise to show.

Definition of Undetermined

Not determined; not settled; not decided. | Not limited; not defined; indeterminate.
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