Uneasiness In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Uneasiness | Uneasiness Sentence

  • All uneasiness was dispelled.
  • No more uneasiness about the future!
  • His uneasiness had passed.
  • Her uneasiness increased.
  • A vague uneasiness possessed me.
  • A feeling of uneasiness possessed him.
  • There was a shade of uneasiness in her manner.
  • If there were uneasiness there might be hope.
  • There was a wave of uneasiness over the boat.
  • I walked with uneasiness in my throat.
  • A current of uneasiness darted between them.
  • His uneasiness was becoming very apparent.
  • But why the uneasiness of the past few years?
  • That was an uneasiness founded on some suspicion.
  • An odd uneasiness possessed them all.
  • Nor was corporal uneasiness his only annoyance.
  • His uneasiness had not lessened but grown.
  • A growing uneasiness steals over the otter.
  • A vague uneasiness came upon them.
  • A vague uneasiness began to trouble her.
  • Hence various causes of uneasiness and distress.
  • She started and betrayed uneasiness at this name.
  • A feeling of uneasiness took possession of me.
  • Here was a new source of uneasiness and anxiety.
  • But through his amusement a prick of uneasiness was felt.
  • Her uneasiness was alleviated by drinking brandy.
  • The listener felt his vague uneasiness soothed.
  • Angela concealed her uneasiness in true womanly fashion.
  • A feeling of uneasiness took possession of the watchers.
  • Penny thought she saw uneasiness in the masked man.
  • Braine felt no uneasiness as to the result, however.
  • Much uneasiness and hurried breathing. 25th.
  • She too had caught the uneasiness about Amory.
  • There was a special reason for great uneasiness in London.
  • Great uneasiness exists all along the Indian frontier.

How To Use Uneasiness In A Sentence?

  • The Kappans began to show signs of uneasiness at the end.
  • Eleanor was in a constant state of uneasiness and distress now.
  • It gave him an uneasiness which was the beginning of delight.
  • Uniacke's uneasiness increased.
  • I have been watching the market with some uneasiness for a month.

Definition of Uneasiness

The state of being uneasy, nervous or restless. | An anxious state of mind; anxiety.
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